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The Richard M. Hawkins Award

The recipient of the award shall be an individual judged to have made noteworthy contributions to scholarship or creative activity. The recipient shall be a full-time faculty member. All academic ranks are eligible. While there will normally be a recipient each year, the award will not be presented in a year when candidates fail to meet the necessary criteria as judged by the Selection Committee.

A call for nominations will be extended by the chair of the Honors and Awards Committee in mid-February. Each department may nominate one individual for the award. The name of the nominee and supporting material shall be submitted to the appropriate dean. Supporting material includes a current vita, letters of support, and copies of any scholarly or creative work including, but not limited to, texts, recordings, portfolios, etc. as evidence of a candidate’s contributions. Each dean shall rank the nominees from his/her college or school and submit these ranked names along with the supporting materials to the selection committee via the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs office. The individual receiving the majority vote of the selection committee shall be recommended to the President as the recipient of the Richard M. Hawkins Award.

The selection committee will be composed of the chair of the Honors and Awards Committee, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, and chair of the Faculty Research Committee, and the three immediate past Hawkins Award winners. The award is presented at the Fall Faculty Meeting. The award shall consist of $1,000 in faculty professional development funds or a $1,000 check to the recipient (choice made by recipient) and an engraved plaque with the recipient’s name inscribed. The plaque will be displayed in the foyer of the Browning Administration Building

Past recipients of the Richard M. Hawkins Award are:

2023   Rebecca Johansen
2022   Lisa Barron
2021   Kathryn Woods
2020   Debra Rose Wilson
2019   Dwyane Estes
2018   David Steinquest
2017   Billy Renkl
2016   Roman Holovchak
2015   Dwonna Goldstone 
2014   Osvaldo Di Paolo
2013   Andriy Kovalskyy
2012   Kevin Harris
2011   Sergei Markov
2010   Jill Franks
2009   Samuel Jator
2008   J. Allyn Smith
2007   Dixie Dennis
2006   None Named
2005   Michele T. Butts
2004   Carlette Hardin
2003   Allene Phy-Olsen
2002   Stanley Yates
2001   Roger Clark
2000   Dewey A. Browder
1999   Steven Ryan
1998   Carl Stedman
1997   DeAnn Campbell
1996   James Michael McClusky
1995   Victor Ukpolo
1994   James Michael Gotcher
1993   Albert B. Randall, Jr.
1992   Malcom "Kip" Muir
1991   Harvey F. Blanck
1990   Anthony Golden
1989   Larry Hoehn
1988   Jeffrey Neal Wood
1987   Ernest Woodward
1986   Dolores Gore
1985   Malcom Glass
1984   Richard P. Gildrie
1983   George L. Mabry
1982   James X. Corgan
1981   Olen L. Bryant
1980   Phillip Kemmerly
1979   Sharon Mabry

If you have questions, concerns, or would like more information about the Richard M. Hawkins Award, please contact:

Cheryl Lambert, Faculty Honors and Awards Committee Chair
Email: lambertc@apsu.edu