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The Chamber of Commerce Distinguished Faculty Award for Community Service

The Chamber of Commerce Distinguished Faculty Award for Community Service shall be based on service to the community with emphasis placed on contributions that have enhanced or will enhance the quality of life in the Clarksville/Montgomery County area. Contributions may have been made over a period of years.

Each department, dean, faculty member, staff member or member of the Clarksville Montgomery County community may nominate one individual for the award each year. The recipient shall be a full-time teaching member or departmental chair. All academic ranks are eligible. There shall be a single recipient each year. The call for nominations shall be made by the chair of the Honors and Awards Committee in February. The name of the nominee and supporting materials shall be submitted to the Chair of the Honors and Awards Selection Committee. Supporting materials should include a current vita or resume and letter of support. This committee shall rank the nominees and submit the top three, along with supporting materials, to the President of the University each year by April 1.

The Honors and Awards Selection Committee shall consist of the vice president of Student Affairs, who shall serve as chair; the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs; the executive director, University Advancement; and the director of Alumni Affairs. The award is presented at the Fall Faculty Meeting. The award shall consist of $500 cash provided by the Zinifex Zinc Plant and an engraved plaque serving as a personal memento provided by the Clarksville Area Chamber of Commerce.

Past recipients of the Distinguished Community Service Award are: 

2022   Leong Lee
2021   Jennifer Thayer
2020   Gail Robinson-Oturu
2019   Jill Eichhorn
2018   Vikkie McCarthy
2017   Benita Bruster
2016   David Steinquest
2015   Minoa Uffelman
2014   Carrie Brennan
2013   Doris Davenport
2012   Tim Winters
2011   Dewey Browder
2010   Greg A. Schlanger
2009   Cynthia Marsh
2008   Ronald Robertson
2007   Anne Black
2006   Nell Rayburn
2005   Robert D. Robison
2004   Carmen Reagan
2003   Bruce Myers
2002   No Recipient
2001   Allen Henderson
2000   Phillip R. Kemmerly
1999   Max Hochestetler
1998   Richard Gildrie
1997   Carlette Hardin
1996   Rebecca A. Glass
1995   Camille B. Holt
1994   No Recipient
1993   T. Howard Will
1992   Dolores Gore
1991   George L. Mabry
1990   No Recipient
1989   Allan S. Williams
1988   Gaines C. Hunt
1987   J.F. Burney
1986   Elizabeth H. Stokes

If you have questions, concerns, or would like more information about the Community Service Award, please contact:

Jennifer Thayer, Faculty Honors and Awards Committee Chair
Email: thayerj@apsu.edu