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The APSU National Alumni Association Distinguished Professor Award

The award shall be based on professional performance with a major emphasis on teaching. The recipient shall be a full-time tenured faculty member or a department chair and shall have completed a minimum of ten years of continuous full-time teaching at Austin Peay State University. Faculty who are on leaves of absence for authorized reasons during the minimum ten-year continuous full-time teaching period (for example, professional development leave, maternity leave, etc.) shall still be considered eligible for the award. All ranks shall be eligible. Academic credentials requisite to the position held in the University shall be sufficient for eligibility and selection. There shall be a single recipient of the Distinguished Professor Award each year. Any faculty member who wins this award shall not be eligible again to win the award until twenty years of full-time teaching at APSU have elapsed starting with the semester following the one in which the award was presented.

Each February, the chair of the Honors and Awards Committee will issue a call for nominations from the faculty, the Student Government Association and Alumni as follows: each college dean, the Library Director, the SGA president and the director of Alumni Relations will conduct a nomination process to determine nominees from her/his area, and each will conduct balloting to determine the nominee(s). Selected nominees must submit a one- to two-page narrative biography that includes information about their scholarship and teaching relevant to this award. The nominee receiving the most votes after two balloting processes shall receive the award.

The award shall consist of $1,000 cash, an engraved plaque serving as a personal memento and the recipient's name cumulatively inscribed on a plaque to be permanently displayed in the Browning Administration Building.

Past recipients of the Distinguished Professor Award are:

2021   Patty Orr
2020   Minoa Uffelman
2019   Gilbert Pitts
2018   Doris Davenport
2017   Steven Ryan
2016   Mike Gotcher
2015   Nell Rayburn
2014   John Moseley (posthumously)
2013   C. Bruce Myers
2012   Mary Lou Witherspoon
2011   Albert Randall
2010   Karen Sorenson
2009   Timothy Winters
2008   Dewey Browder
2007   Mickey Wadia
2006   David Kanervo
2005   Susan Calovini
2004   Ronald Robertson
2003   Sharon Mabry
2002   David Till
2001   John Butler
2000   Malcom "Kip" Muir
1999   Carlette Hardin
1998   Dolores Gore
1997   Edward Irwin
1996   Lawrence E. Baggett
1995   Albert Joseph Bekus
1994   David H. Snyder
1993   Ellen W. Kanervo
1992   Robert F. Sears
1991   Joe Fillipo
1990   Eleanor Beiswenger
1989   Betty Joe Wallace
1988   Aaron A. Hutcheson
1987   Lewis C. Tatham, Jr.
1986   William G. Stokes
1985   Aaron Schmidt
1984   Durward S. Harris
1983   George L. Mabry
1982   Ernest Woodward
1981   Malcolm Glass
1980   Richard P. Gildrie
1979   Charles M. Waters
1978   Floyd Ford
1977   Haskell Phillips
1976   Elizabeth H. Stokes
1975   Edward Irwin


If you have questions, concerns, or would like more information about the The APSU National Alumni Association Distinguished Professor Award, please contact:

Gina Garber, Faculty Honors and Awards Committee Chair
Email: garberg@apsu.edu