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Welcome to APSU from the Office of Academic Affairs

Dr. Lynne Crosby, Senior Vice Provost and Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs

Video Transcript: 

Welcome to Austin Peay State University. My name is Lynne Crosby and I serve as the Vice Provost and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs. You serve a critical role in supporting the mission and vision of the university, so I would like to orient you to the university's mission statement.

APSU is comprehensive. We offer associate degrees, bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, education specialists, and doctoral degrees. APSU strives to raise the educational attainment of Tennesseeans by promoting the college completion agenda. We know that college graduates tend to have higher earning power and are more civically engaged over their lifetime. APSU also strives to meet regional needs, not just in Clarksville or Middle Tennessee, but stretch into Kentucky with our center at Fort Campbell and many dual enrollment sites in several counties. So our sense of region is growing. We ask you to provide an excellent teaching and learning experience to each and every one of these students, no matter who they are and where they come from.

The mission also states our obligation to promote the intellectual, economic, social, physical, and cultural development of the region. APU prepares students to be engaged and productive citizens to gain knowledge, skills, and values for life and work in a global society. I ask you to help students grow and learn holistically, both in and outside of the classroom. Consider becoming a mentor to students regarding their career goals, educational aspirations, and path in life. You have your ear to the ground with the community, industry, your profession, or subject area knowledge, please bring that to bear with students and colleagues. You provide current relevant knowledge and expertise that benefits our students, their learning and our programs. Please also learn about the university's resources available to students so that you can be best equipped and knowledgeable to refer students to the appropriate resource. When a student is facing academic difficulty or personal challenges, you have many opportunities to become involved at the university, but it does present a challenge to part-time faculty. You may be balancing another job and other obligations that you have. I encourage you to identify a full-time faculty member in your academic department to serve as a mentor to you.

I sincerely appreciate your role at Austin Peay, and want to thank you in advance for the incredible impact you are going to make with our students and their success. I hope you have a wonderful semester at Austin Peay.

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