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Course Evaluation Summary Reports

At the end of semester, after you have submitted final grades in Banner, your results will be available to you.  All results will be available after the official grade release of the term.  You can view the results from your own dashboard.  By accessing Web Self Service you will be able to view, print, and save your results as needed and do not have to wait for them to be scanned and emailed to you!


Instructions for Accessing Summary Reports (Dean, Chair & Faculty)
  1. Select Course
  2. Click Search
  3. Under Output select Course Summary (see B2 below).
  4. You may choose to set the query search as preferred.  To view the recently evaluated term select the Term.  (You may choose to add the % character in the CRN field to include all CRN’s)
  5. Click on Course Evaluations
  6. Select Faculty Services 
  7. You may access your results via Web Self Service by logging into Onestop and selecting Web Self Service or by going to the A-Z Index and selecting Web Self Service
    • Deans and Chairs are able to search within their respective colleges and departments and produce summary reports as needed.
    • To do so type the College name and/or the department name in the search query (see B3 below).
  8. Click Hide Text Entry/ Comments if written comments are not preferred in final summary report.
  9. Click Print Summary Reports.
  10. Right click and select Print 
  11. You may both print and scan the document or Save as PDF document.
  12. To Save as PDF open the Summary Report (in Chrome) and click the menu button (the three dots in the upper right hand corner) and select Print.  Select the “Change” button under the Destination and choose Save as PDF.  Please be as specific as possible when titling the document, it is recommended to use the semester and year. 
  13. To export the Summary Report select the Excel button and click Search.


 14.   An error message with populate, select the second option (Select a program from a list of installed programs) and click OK.  Select ExcelPlease note that you do want to choose Excel as the default program as reports may exceed the default margins set in other Microsoft Office tools. 




Should an unplanned OneStop outage occur please contact the Office of Information Technology.  Web Self-Service and email are still available through their respective direct links.

Web Self-Service using your OneStop password: https://banwssprod.apsu.edu


Report Screen 1

Report Screen 2