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Tutorial Assistance Internal Recommendation Form

Tutorial assistance may be paid to eligible persons while in training to aid in defraying expenses incurred by the need for tutoring. This benefit is currently not available for Chapter 1607, REAP. This allowance is paid without any entitlement charge for those under chapter 35. However, for those persons under other VA education benefits, an individual’s entitlement will be charged only with respect to the amount paid in excess of $600.00. Amount paid cannot exceed $100.00 per month with an absolute maximum of $1,200.00 per eligible person. Eligibility Requirements:
1. The student must be enrolled and certified to VA for at least half-time status.
2. Have a deficiency in the course that is part of his/her program. (Cannot be used to improve GPA)
3. Can only be used during term in which the course is being pursued.
4. Tutor must be qualified under the University’s established standards.
5. Charges must not exceed customary charges for non-veterans.
6. Generally, tutoring must be done on an individualized basis.
7. Tutoring provided by a “close relative” (spouse, parent, brother, sister, child, etc.) is prohibited
The student, tutor and school certifying official (APSU's Office of Veterans Affairs) must also complete the VA Application and Enrollment Certification for Individualized Tutorial Assistance (VA form 22-1990t). The VA form 22-1990t may be submitted at the end of each month or at the end of the term. This form must be signed and dated on or after the date of the last tutoring session certified.