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Graduate photo sessions through month of April

CLARKSVILLE — Students, especially May 2014 graduates, are encouraged to take part in one of several upcoming Candid Day photo sessions.

These events will allow new alumni to be included in the Commencement celebration on the jumbotron in the Dunn Center, as well as featured in the 2014 edition of The Monocle yearbook. Photos are free and will be provided to participants for download. To reserve your copy of the 2014 yearbook, click here.

For more information, please contact Student Publications at 931-221-7376 or by email at

Scheduled photo sessions currently include:

Noon-3 p.m. — Wednesday, April 2 — MUC 303

9 a.m.-noon — Tuesday, April 8 — MUC 306

Noon-3 p.m. — Wednesday, April 9 — MUC 306

9 a.m.-noon — Tuesday, April 15 — MUC 103 B

Noon-3 p.m. — Wednesday, April 16 — MUC 103 A

More times and dates will be announced as necessary.

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The All State cartoonist earns another first-place award

CLARKSVILLE — Former editorial cartoonist for The All State, Christy Walker, has again added to her highly accomplished career at The All StateOn Saturday, March 22, Walker won a first-place award at the annual Tennessee Associated Press Media Editors banquet and awards ceremony in Nashville, Tenn.

Walker earned a first-place award in Graphic Illustration/Editorial Cartooning, competing with all other student newspapers in Tennessee.

Walker has had one of the most prolific and successful careers of any student to participate on The All State staff, earning national, regional and state awards for her editorial cartoons. She is pursuing a degree in Art Education.

"There's no question about the success of Christy's work," said Jake Lowary, adviser to The All State. "We are all tremendously proud of her, and are grateful for her participation and involvement on our staff."

The All State publishes each Wednesday in print and 24/7 online at You can also stay connected through Facebook and Twitter.

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The All State named a Top-5 student newspaper; cartoonist earns first-place honors

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. — The student newspaper of APSU, The All Statewas named No. 4 in the South on Feb. 21 at the annual Southeast Journalism Conference.

APSU’s student newspaper staff also earned individual awards in the annual Best of the South competition. Christy Walker, former cartoonist for The All State, was ranked No. 1 in the South for her editorial cartoons. Other students earning top-10 honors include:

• David Hoernlen, No. 3 in the South, News/Graphic Illustration.

• Conor Scruton, No. 9 in the South, Page Layout.

• Josh Vaughn, No. 9 in the South, News Photography.

The All State competes annually with up to 44 other colleges and universities across seven states in the Southeast. In the 2013 competition, more than 440 total entries were submitted in 30 individual and institutional categories covering print, broadcast and advertising.

“The performance of The All State staff is nothing short of remarkable,” said Jake Lowary, staff adviser of The All State.

“These students work extremely hard to produce an informative and engaging product for the campus community and beyond, and for them to earn this incredible honor is just fantastic,” he said.

The All State received the same ranking in 2011. Student newspapers at Georgia State, Mississippi State and the University of Alabama were ranked Nos. 1-3, respectively.

“I couldn't be more proud of all that was accomplished at SEJC,” said Jenelle Grewell, editor-in-chief.

The All State publishes each Wednesday in print, which is distributed on APSU’s main campus and at APSU’s satellite campus at Fort Campbell, Ky. It also publishes regularly online at

Readers can also connect with The All State on Facebook and Twitter.

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