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Student Organization Information


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Student organizations provide a valuable service to the campus community by promoting leadership development, community spirit, activism, public service, and social and cultural interaction. As a student of Austin Peay, you have the unique opportunity to participate in a wide variety of activities.

Student organizations at Austin Peay provide leadership, scholarship, friendship and much more. On behalf of the Office of Student Life and Leadership (SLL), I would like to congratulate you for taking on the responsibility for providing guidance and direction to your organization. With more than 100 clubs and organizations, we hope that the services we provide to you are as diverse as the organizations we serve. As you embark on this new academic year please know the SLL staff is here to assist you in whatever way possible.

Austin Peay State University clubs and organizations should be formed by students for the purpose of social, educational and leadership development and must relate directly to the mission, goals and objectives of Austin Peay State University. Organization members should at all times consider how the University community views their organization

Current Organizations