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Space Allocation Committee Charge and Procedures

All university buildings and land belong to the University as a whole and are subject to assignment and reassignment to meet the institution's overall priorities and needs.  The Space Allocation Committee is charged with the responsibility and authority for reviewing all space requests and making space assignments. Decisions of The Space Allocation Committee are subject to review by the President.

The implementations of the approved request are made after careful review of all relevant factors including: adherence to the master plan, compatibility with existing use of space, university strategic priority and cost. The Space Allocation Committee will assure that all avenues to solve a space request within the college/division have been explored before making decisions. Once the decision has been made it will be posted on the Space Allocation Committee website.

Representatives from the following departments will serve on the Space Allocation Committee:

  • Vice president for finance and administration (Chair)
  • Provost
  • Director of facilities planning and projects (ex officio)
  • University facilities
  • Student affairs
  • Two faculty members (assigned by faculty senate president)
  • One student representative (assigned by student affairs)

One member shall be assigned to record and distribute minutes of each meeting

The committee follows the following office space standards per the Campus Master Plan:

Academic space

Employee TypeOffice
Faculty req Studio Office220
Graduate Assistant55
Student Workers30

Non-Academic space

Employee TypeOffice
Assistant Dean140
Graduate Assistant55
Student Workers30
Skilled Crafts0
Service Maintenance0

Making a space request

Requests for new or vacated space, change in capacity or function of space or change in existing space must be submitted to The Space Allocation Committee on the “Space Request Form" which must be submitted by the appropriate department head.