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Degrees Offered

The sociology program at Austin Peay offers a major and a minor. The major requires the completion of 36 semester hours (Suggested Program of Study), which include:

  • Requirements
    • Introduction to Sociology (1010)
    • Social Problems (2050)
    • Introduction to Social Research (3760)
    • Social Statistics (3770)
    • Sociological Theory (4000)
    • Senior Seminar (4910)
  • Electives
    • 6 courses from a selection that includes courses in social problems, crime and delinquency, deviant behavior, family studies, cultural anthropology, aging, religion and urban behavior

In addition to the major, it is also possible to minor in Sociology, Environmental Studies and Family Studies.  These more specialized programs allow students with any major to focus on a curriculum that may tie  more directly into their specific vocational interests.