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Bill Persinger

Executive Director of Public Relations and Marketing
Email:  persingerb@apsu.edu 

Charles Booth

Assistant Director of Communication
Email:  boothcw@apsu.edu

Hannah Bradley Eden

Coordinator of Multimedia and Web Design
Email: edenh@apsu.edu

Beth Lowary

Marketing Manager
Email:  lowaryb@apsu.edu

Sean McCully

Assistant Web Coordinator
Email: mccullyn@apsu.edu

Kristen Miller

Graphic Designer
Email: millerk@apsu.edu

Lori Moore

Office Supervisor
Email: moorel@apsu.edu

Taylor Slifko

Photography and Social Media Coordinator
Email: slifkot@apsu.edu

Michele Tyndall

Manager of Printing Services and Projects
Email:  tyndallm@apsu.edu

Rollow Welch

Assistant Director of Publications
Email: welchr@apsu.edu