Services Offered
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Services Offered

Individual Counseling

Therapy is provided for individuals, as well as with a partner or family member when appropriate. In session, you and a trained therapist work together to better understand yourself, cope with specific issues, and/or improve your overall well-being.

Group Counseling

Group therapy with a small number of women is also available. Groups tend to be organized around specific topics, as well as needs expressed by the college community.


The office serves as a starting point for students seeking counseling, guidance or assistance with mental health concerns. The office provides the initial assessment and screening, with recommendations for treatment, which may include external referrals. If a private therapist or practitioner is preferred, the counseling center can provide some options. All students should check their insurance policy coverage when seeking external community resources.

Outreach Programs

Workshops, forums, classroom and dorm presentations are available on a variety of topics. These include: stress management, grief, gender issues, male/female relationships, sexual assault, alcohol, and other drug use. Please see our outreach service page for more information or to request outreach.


On request, counseling staff members provide consultation service to with student organizations and faculty/staff. These services include psycho-educational / training sessions, as well as the provision of on-to-one assistance in reaching out to persons experiencing emotional distress. Brief counseling may also be provided to students, resident assistants, and peer mentors with concerns related to a friend or other student.