Student Academic Suspension Appeal Committee
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Student Academic Suspension Appeal Committee

Membership 2018-2019:

  • Doris Davenport, CoBHS Faculty Representative, Chair

  • Mike Dunn, CoAL Faculty Representative

  • McLean Fahnestock, CoAL Faculty Representative

  • Scott Culhane, CoBHS/APC Faculty Representative

  • Roscoe Shain, CoB Faculty Representative

  • Xin Zhang, CoB Faculty Representative

  • Gary Stewart, CoE Faculty Representative

  • Jennie Preston-Sabin, CoE Faculty Representative

  • Michelle Rogers, CoSTEM Faculty Representative

  • Nancy Gibson, Library, Faculty Representative

  • Bonnie Hodge, CoSTEM Faculty Representative

  • Ella Weiss, Student Representative

  • Kyra Hardy, Student Representative

  • Elijah Mcghee, Student Representative

  •  Kyra Siler, Student Representative

  • Telaina Wrigley, Registrar, ex-officio



The committee, which will be structured into three subcommittees with one designated for the Fort Campbell program, will address questions related to student appeals for the waiver of policies relative to suspension.  At the beginning of each term, the committee will meet and make decisions relative to student requests to waive the rules of suspension.  The committee will review each appeal and render a decision.  The decision of the committee is final.


If you have questions, concerns. or would like more information about the Student Academic Suspension Appeal Committee, please contact:

                                  Doris Davenport