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Online Course Committee

Membership 2015-2016:
  • Greg Moore, Faculty Representative, Chair

  • Spencer Buckner, Faculty Representative

  • Dana Willett, Exec. Director,Extended and Distance Education (ex officio)
  • William Rayburn, Faculty Representative

  • Gerri Gass, Faculty Representative

  • Nancy Gibson, Faculty Representative

  • Jason Hatton, Staff Representative

  • Robert Anderson, Staff Representative (ex-officio) 

  • Matt Jones, Faculty Representative

  • Mary Dillard, Staff Representative 

  • Rob Baron, Faculty Representative

  • Stephen Truhon, Faculty Representative

  • Kenneth Hanley, Student Representative

  • Selena Wilson, Student Representative


            The committee is responsible for developing and revising strategic objectives for online courses, degrees, certificates, and enrollment targets.  The committee is also responsible for developing and implementing quality assurance plans to include (but not limited to) a review of online course content and structure PRIOR to the first time the course is offered online, testing requirements and procedures, review of student evaluations with comparisons to campus-based sections of the same classes when possible, special evaluations of online courses (in addition to student evaluations of instruction), adequacy and effectiveness of online services, monitoring to determine if withdrawals from online classes are excessive compared to withdrawals for campus-based classes.


If you have questions, concerns, please contact:  

                         Greg Moore