Environmental Affairs Committee
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Environmental Health and Safety Advisory Committee

Membership 2017-2018:
  • Carl Gerhold, Assistant Director, Safety Environ Comp,  Chair, ex officio

  • Amy Wright, Faculty Representative

  • Amy Black, Faculty Representative

  • Meagan Mann, Faculty Representative

  • Brandi Bryant, Athletics Representative

  • Philip Zoch, Finance and Administration

  • Justis Hand, Student Representative

  • Bill Persinger, Public Relations, ex officio

  • Michael Kasitz, Public Safety, ex officio

  • Costin Shamble, University Counsel, ex officio

  • Mike Hamlet, Human Resources, ex officio

  • Jeff Wagner, Assistant Director, Physical Plant Operations, ex officio

The committee has the responsibility for developing procedures and necessary activities to ensure Austin Peay State University complies with applicable environmental requirements, including Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC), and Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations. The Environmental Affairs Committee will perform compliance reviews, conduct training, and provide assistance to departments on campus in implementing best management practices.     

If you have questions,  concerns, or would like more information about the Environmental Health and Safety Advisory Committee, please contact:  

                                       Carl Gerhold
                         E-Mail:  gerholdc@apsu.edu