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Athletic Committee

Membership 2014-2015:

  • Bruce Myers, Faculty Representative (Chair)
  • Lisa Lewis, Faculty Representative
  • Cindy Taylor, Faculty Representative
  • Tim Leszczak, Faculty Representative
  • Don Luck, Faculty Representative
  • Allyn Smith, Faculty Representative
  • Amy Deaton, Staff Representative
  • Jon Higdon, Staff Representative
  • Derek van der Merwe, Athletic Director, ex officio
  • Cheryl Holt, Assistant Athletic Director, ex officio
  • Tammy Cunningham, Staff Representative
  • Sheila Bryant, Director, Affirmative Action
  • Sam Mynhier, Student Representative by SGA
  • Jada Stotts, Student Representative by SAA

The committee has the responsibility for reviewing policies and monitoring the athletic program of the university. The athletic director may bring various issues to the committee relative to the athletic program to ask for its assistance in a number of areas. Among the areas for which the athletic committee has traditionally provided guidance are the establishment of ticket prices for athletic events, and the monitoring of university and athletic department activities relative to NCAA standards. At such times as coaches or administrators in the athletic program are replaced, individual members of the athletic committee will be asked to serve on screening committees.

Other members of the committee will be asked to participate in the interview process and to make recommendations directly to the athletic director or the president relative to an appointment. Matters of concern relative to the athletic program should be identified by committee members and brought to the attention of the athletic director and the chair of the committee.

If you have questions,concerns or would like more information, please contact:

Bruce Myers