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Student Academic Success Initiative

The Student Academic Success Initiative (SASI) is a program that was started in 2008 by former President Tim Hall to encourage student engagement within the academic community and to foster faculty-student interactions outside of the classroom.  Each year, between 30-40 proposals totaling approximately $60,000 are funded by SASI.   

Proposals are called for during the spring semester by the Faculty Senate.  Successful proposals are notified before the end of spring semester, and funds are available after July 1. All funds must be spent during the fiscal year (July 1 - June 30). A final summary of the funded project's results is due by the end of the academic year.

INSTRUCTIONS: Complete the proposal form and save an electronic copy with the title as your last name. Submit proposals electronically via email to Vikkie MaCarthy, SASI Chair, at  The deadline for submissions is Monday, April 10, 2017, by 4:30pm. We realize that your attendance numbers will be approximate.

NOTE: If funded, you are required to submit a brief (3-5 sentences, 50-250 words, 1/2 page) report which includes the following information by April 10, 2018 to Vikkie McCarthy, SASI Chair, at  This report must include the below information:

     a) a sentence or two describing the project

     b) the number of students and faculty that participated

Current Call for Proposals (2017-2018)

Recently Funded Proposals

Final Reporting Information Completed SASI Projects

Frequently Asked Questions about SASI Funds & Spending