Computer Science and Information Technology
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Domas Budrys sits in the Dunn Center

Computer Science and Information Technology

The Department of Computer Science & IT at APSU is one of the largest computer science departments in the state of Tennessee.
:: 550 students in all programs
:: 3 B.S. Degrees : 6 Concentrations + 5 Minors
:: 1 M.S. Degree : 5 Concentrations + 1 PSM Degree
:: High School : APSU Coding Camps


Welcome to the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology. If you are a prospective student, the links on this page will provide you with much of the information that you need. We welcome on-line, transfer, and second-degree students. If you need more information, please contact our office at 931-221-7840 or email Dr. Leong Lee, the chair of the department.

Quick Information

Fall Peer Programming Tutoring Available

Taking summer class? Need help with programming assignments? Summer peer programming tutoring available. Check out the schedule here !

Graduate Teaching Assistant Positions Available


Keeping Up With Us

  • Dr. Coleman, Dr. Lee, and Dr. Ridenour's refereed research paper "Stochastic Modeling Of Hydraulic Geometry Using An Extremal Hypothesis" was presented at the CMCGS 2018 Conference, 7th Annual Int. Conf. on Computational Mathematics, Computational Geometry & Statistics, Apr 9-10, 2018, Singapore.
  • Regional ACM Programming Contest 2017: November 11, 2017. 2 teams participated, supervised by Dr. Church.
    • The ACM Programming Contest is an international programming contest run every year by the Association for Computing Machinery. The contest takes place in two phases. The first phase is the Regional Contests which are held at various sites throughout the world. Each region coordinates its own contest and the top teams in each region are chosen to compete at the second phase of the contest, which is the World Finals.
    • APSU competed in the Mid Central region at University of Tennessee at Martin. There 14 teams competing at the site and  were 126 teams competing in the region. Standings.
    • The teams were supervised by Dr. James Church, and the teams were:
      • Ron Harper, Robyn Yates, and Nathan Nickelson. 4th at the site and 57th in the region.
      • Namespace Awesome: Ryan Swanson, Rhett Newton, and Luke Cecil. 10th at the site and 100th in the region.
  • 2017 Fall ACM Mid-Southeast Conference, November 9 & 10, 2017, Glenstone Lodge, Gatlinburg, TN, USA: Dr. James Church, Michael Timbes in Attendance.
    • Computer Science student, Michael Timbespresented poster "Using TensorFlow for Face Detection" at the conference.
    • Dr. James Church presented his research paper "Segmentation of Unorganized Point Cloud Data".
  • Haskell: Data Analysis Made Easy - by Dr. James Church: This 78 page book covers setting up the Haskell environment, performing meaningful analysis on real-world data, visualizing and harvesting information from data, and identifying patterns in the data with advanced data analysis. Perfect for anyone new to the field of data analysis that wants to polish their skill with Haskell. Amazon link to book.
  • Learning Haskell Data Analysis - by Dr. James Church: This 194 page book covers creating portable databases with SQLite3 and pulling large amounts of data into your Haskell programs, using EasyPlot to make publication-ready charts, and analyzing real-word data with the most commonly used statistical techniques. A must-buy for any developer, analyst, or data scientist wanting to learn data analysis methods with Haskell! Amazon link to book.

For those who may not have kept up with us, here is a list of our faculty and staff.

  • Mr. Barry G. Bruster, Instructor
  • Dr. Nicholas A. Coleman, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Joseph V. Elarde, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Leong Lee, Associate Professor and Chair
  • Dr. Jiang Li, Professor
  • Mr. Johnny Maynard, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Bruce Myers, Professor
  • Dr. John A. Nicholson, Associate Professor
  • Dr. Yingbing Yu, Professor
  • Dr. Jim Bateman, Professor Emeritus
  • Dr. Jim Vandergriff, Professor Emeritus
  • Mr. Keith Bearden, Adjunct Faculty
  • Mr. Calvin G. Bolander, Adjunct Faculty
  • Dr. Gary L. Griffith, Adjunct Faculty
  • Mr. Jason Hatton, Adjunct Faculty
  • Mr. Paul E. MacAfee, Adjunct Faculty
  • Mr. Antonio (Tony) L. McCutcheon, Adjunct Faculty
  • Mr. Stephen T. Paulk-McGinley, Adjunct Faculty
  • Mr. Austin Siders, Adjunct Faculty
  • Mr. Aaron Taylor, Adjunct Faculty
  • Mr. Leonard Tharpe, Adjunct Faculty
  • Mr. John Wood, Adjunct Faculty

  • Mrs. Betty Leimer, Administrative Assistant II

For APSU computer science graduates who may see this page, please email us and let us know your current email address. 

Beverly Jean-Baptiste
Meet Beverly Jean-Baptiste - Class of 2017

B.S. Computer Science & Information Systems
Computer Science Concentration, Mathematics Minor

"The computer science program gives me a chance to learn different languages, programs and applications. I look forward to pursuing a career as a software developer after graduation."

Mikala Webber
Meet Mikayla Webber - Class of 2018

B.S. Computer Science & Information Systems
Computer Science Concentration, Information Systems Concentration

"We learn the skills to be public speakers, leaders and teammates, while learning the fundamental skills of a computer scientist."

Sam Bennett
Meet Sam J. Bennett - Class of 2015

B.S. Computer Science & Information Systems
Information Systems Concentration, Mobile Software Technology Minor

"The classwork has helped me in many ways. The programming courses really help teach the mindset of problem solving. There are also courses involving group work that offer good experience working with others on a software project."

Tiffany Broadbent
Meet Tiffany Broadbent - Class of 2015

B.S. Computer Science & Information Systems
Internet & Web Technology Concentration, Graphic Design Minor

"The computer science faculty at APSU is phenomenal in the way they all truly want each and every student to succeed to their highest potential. Receiving extra assistance for class assignments is never an issue, as the professors and tutors are always available and open to answer any questions I may have."