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Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

Public Management Courses

Undergraduate level courses

PM 2500

Statistics For Public Management 

 PM 3000

 Introduction to Emergency Management

 PM 3001

 Mitigation & Preparedness for Emergency Mangement

 PM 3002

 Response and Recovery for Emergency Management

 PM 3003

 Managing at Risk Populations in Emergency Situations

 PM 3004

 Social Media Application to Emergency Situations

 PM 3005

 Understanding the NIMS and ICS

 PM 3006

Weapons of Mass Destruction 

 PM 3007

 Continuity of Organizational Operations

PM 3140

Introduction to The Legal Process 

PM 3150

The American Criminal Justice System 

PM 3160

Civil Rights and Civil Liberties 

PM 3170

Criminal Law 

PM 3180

Criminal Procedures 

PM 3200

Public Sector Management 

PM 3230

Public Personnel Administration 

PM 3235

Public Policy Analysis 

PM 3240

Public Budgeting and Financial Management 

PM 3250

The Principles And Practice of Urban Planning 

PM 3310

Race and Cultures in Administration and Politics 

PM 3400

Women and Administration 

PM 3710

Evaluation and Effectiveness 

PM 3760

Methods and Research for Administration 

PM 390A

 Study Abroad Africa

PM 4090

Comparative Public Administration 

PM 4100

Normative Theory and Public Management 

PM 4120

Organizational Theory and Behavior 

PM 4320

Administrative Law 

PM 4330

Political Aspects of Criminal Behavior 

PM 4340

Public Sector Labor Law 

PM 4350

Employment Discrimination Law 

PM 4400

Administration of Nonprofit Organizations

 PM 4405

 Nonprofit Fundraising and Grantsmanship

 PM 4410

 Policy in the Nonprofit Sector

 PM 4420

 Advertising NFP Organizations

PM 4430

Ethics in Public Administration & Nonprofit Organizations

PM 4440

Developing Volunteer Programs

 PM 4450

 Training & Development in Public Sector and Nonprofit Organizations

 PM 4460

 International Nongovernmental Organizations

PM 451A,B,C

Selected Topics in Public Management 

PM 4810

Professional Seminar in Public Management 

PM 4860

Public Management Internship and Practicum  

Graduate level courses

PM 5200

Political Theories of Social Choice 

PM 5300

Theory of Bureaucratic and Administration of Organization 

PM 5400

Public Planning



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