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Bachelor of Professional Studies (B.P.S.)

School of Technology and Public Management

   The Austin Peay Center @ Fort Campbell offers the bachelor of professional studies degree (BPS). This degree is intended for students who have completed associate of applied science (AAS) degrees either at community colleges or technical schools, and who desire to enhance their knowledge, analytical abilities and critical thinking skills for upward mobility in their field. The BPS is not a degree in business. The program is to provide a seamless transition from technical fields to an appropriate baccalaureate program while enhancing the liberal arts component of the student's education.
   Students entering this program must meet the standard admission requirements of Austin Peay State University. The program is an inverted 2+2 program in which the student takes the first two years of coursework at a community college or technical school in an associate of applied science program, and completes the junior and senior years at APSU. Because the program is designed to admit students from a wide variety of AAS programs, the curriculum is diverse and varied. Each student must complete a "contract" specifying a program of study listing required courses and prerequisites. BPS graduates must complete the TBR core requirements and have 39 hours of upper division credits.

Professional Studies (B.P.S.) Degree Requirements

General Education Core Requirements (41)
University-Wide Freshman Seminar Requirement     APSU 1000 (1)
Professional Studies Major Requirement (30)

PTMA 3010
PTMA 3020
PTMA 3050
PTMA 3060
PTMA 3140 or
    PM 3140
PTMA 3240 or
    PM 3240
PTMA 3600
PTMA 4020
PTMA 4400
PTMA 4990

Management of Organizations (3)
Managing Information Technology (3)
Cultural Diversity in Organizations (3)
Organizational Ethics (3)
Survey of the Legal Process (3) or
Introduction to the Legal Process (3)
Financial Measurement, Analysis and Reporting (3) or
Public Budgeting and Financial Management (3)
Organizational Marketing (3)
Written Professional Communications (3)
Strategic Planning for Organizations (3)
Professional Studies Capstone (3)

Professional Studies Electives (9) - Choose three courses

PTMA 3000
PTMA 3070
PTMA 3230
PTMA 3650
PTMA 3990
PTMA 4100
PTMA 4500
PTMA 4600
PTMA 4800

Organizational Team Building (3)
Professional Development (3)
Workforce Management (3)
Global Marketing (3)
Contract Management (3)
Economic Issues for Organizations (3)
Management for Operations (3)
Project Management (3)
Organizational Training and Development (3)

Choose one of the following options:

Option 1:
Option 2:

Transfer Hours and/or General Education Electives (39)Approved University Minor and General Education Electives (39)


Four year degree plan 


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    Dr. Kathryn Woods
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