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Keys to the World Grant Project Application

Applications for funding for the Fall 2020 semester are open. 

For more information about the QEP funding process, including guidelines and rubrics, please refer to the QEP Funding Opportunities webpage. For further information, please contact the QEP Funding Committee co-chairs, Christina Chester-Fangman (chester-fangmanc@apsu.edu) or Kadi Bliss (blissk@apsu.edu). 

Deadlines for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 funding: 

September 11, 2020

October 29, 2020 

February 5, 2021

**When completing this application, be sure to also email an itemized budget breakdown for the project (including an invoice/estimate for expenses) to loc@apsu.edu. This is required for all grant proposals to be considered for funding. The budget breakdown spreadsheet can be found here

HIP Areas Represented (check all that apply)
Is this a new project or an enhancement of an existing project?
5,000 Character Limit
5,000 Character Limit
5,000 Character Limit
5,000 Character Limit
5,000 Character Limit
Select the level of professional development funds (if any) that you are requesting for this project. (See rubric for more details)