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APSU - VA Veteran Readiness & Employment Books & Supplies Policy

Effective 1 December 2013

Am I approved to purchase books and supplies at the APSU Bookstore under VA Veteran Readiness & Employment, Chapter 31?    

Our office will notify Student Account Services and Cashier's Office to set up a book debit account (by enrollment term) for you if the following has been completed: 

**If you choose to start courses prior to approval of your program of study with your assigned VA VR&E counselor, our office will not be able to certify courses or allow you to purchase books/supplies until your VA VR&E counselor submits the VA authorization to our office. In this situation, our office recommends that you only enroll in required General Education Core courses until your program of study is finalized. You will be responsible for charges (tuition/fees, books, etc.) associated with courses that are deemed excessive (not required for your program of study). 

Purchasing Deadlines—Books and Supplies must be purchased at the APSU Bookstore within the published dates for each term.

NOTE: Our office understands that situations may arise where purchases are needed to be made after the published dates.  Exceptions may be approved by our office if you provide documentation from your instructor regarding the new required supplies or a memorandum from your VA VR&E counselor.

What does VA Veteran Readiness & Employment (VA VR&E) pay for?   

VA VR&E will reimburse APSU for tuition/fees, textbooks and required supplies.  

Examples of acceptable purchases other than textbooks/routine supplies that require documentation for prior approval: