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Faculty Prior Credit Evaluation

Prior credit is defined by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs as "the amount of credit allowed for previous education, training, and experience; including military training and experience".

Both the law and the regulations require schools to grant appropriate credit for prior training and experience. The current procedure provides for termination of VA education benefits if the school does not furnish an evaluation of prior credit within 1 term (38 U.S.C. 3675(b)(2) and 3676(c)(4), and §21.4253(d)(3) and 4254(c)(4)).

The portion of a student's transfer credit, which, when applied to the student's specific degree program, shortens that program. Prior credit evaluation must be resubmitted to the APSU Office of Veterans Affairs when a student changes his/her program of study (major).

For current VA education benefit recipients who change their program of study (major and/or concentration):

Step 1: The student calls to set up an appointment to meet with his/her academic advisor to complete the prior credit evaluation.

Step 2: It is recommended that the student brings a copy of their academic transcript(s) when he/she meets with the advisor.

Step 3: The academic advisor annotates the information to the student's prior credit evaluation (degree program, educational plan, program of study) including any course substitutions, waivers, etc. approved by the academic department.

Step 4: You and the student sign the prior credit evaluation. Please have the student print his/her name and student ID number at the top.

Step 5: Submit the completed prior credit evaluation to the appropriate APSU Office of Veterans Affairs. This will serve as a guide in certifying the student's coursework to VA for payment. Courses that are not listed on the prior credit evaluation will not be certified and will require additional documentation.

Prior Credit Evaluation examples

Second Degree Students

Second degree students must submit their prior credit evaluation by the end of the first term of enrollment.

Graduate Students

Graduate students will need to submit their approved graduate program of study (POS) prior to the completion of 12 credit hours and/or by the end of the first term of enrollment, whichever occurs first. Courses that are not listed on the approved graduate POS will not be certified and will require a copy of the approved graduate change of program of study from his/her advisory committee.