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Students entering APSU from the street entrance


In order to receive VA education benefits for pursuit of a program of education, an individual must maintain satisfactory attendance and progress.  VA will discontinue educational assistance if you do not maintain satisfactory attendance and progress.  Attendance is unsatisfactory if the student does not attend according to the regularly prescribed standards of the educational institution in which he or she is enrolled (38 U.S.C.3034, 3474).

  • FA is the grade assigned as of the date at which the student stops attending classes and is no longer receiving instruction.
  • FN is the grade assigned when a student never attended.

FN and FA are punitive grades and will be reported to VA immediately.

Drop/Add Courses

Reduction and increases in the student's enrollment may impact their VA education benefits.  Students may want to consult the APSU Office of Veterans Affairs prior to make course adjustments.


VA will not pay education benefits to an individual for a course from which the individual withdraws or receives a non-punitive grade (W) which is not used in computing the requirements for graduation (38 U.S.C. 3680 and ยง21.4136).