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Degrees & Concentrations

APSU Theatre & Dance offers the BFA Degree, a BA Degree, a minor in Theatre, and a minor in Dance.

Entrance into the BFA Theatre/Dance program and scholarship consideration is by way of a successful audition and/or portfolio review and interview.
At the time of audition, Acting, Dance, and Musical Theatre students must submit:

Up to date transcripts that indicate cumulative GPA of high school and/or previous college work.  At the time of audition, Design students must submit the following:

If a students GPA falls below a 3.0 in the major, it will result in the student being placed on probation the following semester.  Probation may result in ineligibility for casting or other department production positions and will entail being ineligible for departmental sponsored travel.  If grades do not improve the student may be released from the program.

Continuation in the program requires an Annual Review. Negative reviews may lead to probation or dismissal from the program.
Most Theatre/Dance classes are restricted to BFA/BA majors and minors. Exceptions must be approved by the instructor of record or by the Chair of Theatre/Dance.


Major Core

Musical Theatre Concentration

Dance Concentration

Acting Concentration

Design Concentration 

The B.A. in Theatre and Dance is a Liberal Arts Degree. Each concentration in the B.A. Theatre and Dance degree program will consist of 36 hours in the major and is designed to be accompanied by a second major. Admission to this program will be open to all. In addition to this degree, the Department of Theatre and Dance also offers a Theatre Minor and Dance Minor.

BA Degree in Theatre / Dance

120 Total Credit Hours 

Each concentration in the BA Theatre/Dance degree program is designed to be accompanied by a second major or 1-2 Minors.  A total of 39 Upper Division hours (courses numbered 3000-4999) must be completed in order to satisfy university graduation requirements. 

Each BA Concentration in Theatre/Dance requires a minimum of 18 Upper Division hours with options for more.

 BA Acting Concentration

BA Dance Concentration

BA Design Concentration

The minor in Theatre / Dance is a Liberal Arts minor. The minor in Theatre/Dance consists of 17 hours and is designed to be accompanied by a major and possibly a second minor. Admission to this programs is open to all. 

Minor in Theatre

Minor in Dance

17 Total Credit Hours