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Suspense! Audition

Self-tape auditions are due February 8th to beesont@apsu.edu. To download the full script click HERE. To download the auditions sides click HERE.

The cast will be 8 people doubling roles. 

Gladys - Kitty 1/ Candida/Eudine/Gorilla

Maxine - Julie/Amelia/Dani

Phil - Nick the Fence/Alex Mezaros/Palumbo

Man 1 – Stephen Mezaros/Luca/Porter/Frank/Lucritia/Francine

Man 2 – Edgars/Umaras/Salvatore/Egor/Larry/Harry/Dr. Biclops

Man 3 – Director/Scardone/Thebes/Conductor/Guard/Shaughnessy/Gordon

Trixie – Elana Mezaros/Stage Hand/Carny/Countess

Midge – Kitty 2

Audition Instructions: You must self tape one of the scenes, we will then have in person call-backs. Read the instructions for each scene. The self-tape audition is due on February 8th. Please email a link to beesont@apsu.edu. In your email, please indicate two things: 1) are you interested in doing live foley and 2) can you play the Ukulele. Call backs will be in-person that week and we will start rehearsal on Feb.15th. 

Kitty (Gladys & Midge), Julie (Maxine), & Nick (Phil): If you are auditioning for these roles, please prepare and self tape 32 bars of a pre-1950 standard from the Great American Songbook (early 20th century jazz standards and popular songs).  

We will be using these songs for the show (please don't audition with these:)

Kitty 1 - I’m just wild about harry - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-qz3_u_wew

Kitty 2 (Midge) – The Jazz Me Blues - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s46t6ZKvYYA

Duet (Phil & Maxine) – Ukelele Lady - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFOvN5FEhsw