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DSST - DANTES (Defense Activities for Non-Traditional Support) Subject Standardized Tests

The DSST® Program is a nationally recognized testing program that gives examinees the opportunity to receive college credit for learning acquired outside the traditional college classroom. Examinees can choose from 40 titles in the areas of Social Science, Business, Mathematics, Applied Technology, Humanities, and Physical Science. 

Austin Peay does not offer the Principles of Public Speaking exam.

Please refer to the Candidate Information Bulletin on the DSST Web site for a brief description of each exam. Exam Fact Sheets are also available for each exam on the DSST website. 

Important Policies / Updates

Some policies regarding DSST exams are at the discretion of individual colleges and universities, i.e. course credits. All candidates must contact their school’s Registrar prior to testing to ensure the DSST exam they wish to take will meet the recipient school’s requirements. The Testing Center strongly recommends that candidates visit the DSST website to obtain the most current information regarding all testing policies and procedures.

Fees / Payment Method / Remittance Policy


DSST examinees must pay an $85.00 DSST fee per exam (with the exception of Fundamentals of Cybersecurity) plus $20.00 (payable by credit/debit card only online after scheduling the testing date)

Please Note: Internet-based DSST exams are funded by the U.S. government through Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) for eligible military examinees. Please visit Military on the DSST website for more information.

Payment Method

For the $85.00 DSST fee (more for Fundamentals of Cybersecurity) – Credit cards or debit cards are the only acceptable form of payment for internet-based DSST exams.  For the $20.00 APSU fee (all exams) – debit or credit card only. Please Note: The APSU fee must be paid separately from the DSST fee.  This fee is also waived for Active Duty military who are eligible for the DSST fee waiver.

Remittance Policy

Payment to DSST is due on the day of the exam. Please report to Henry Street, Marks Building, Room 124 at least fifteen minutes prior to your scheduled testing time to obtain a payment invoice.

If you have any questions regarding a payment method for the DSST fee, please contact Prometric at (877) 471-9860.

If you have any questions regarding a payment method for the APSU fee, please contact the APSU Business Office at (931) 221-6285.

Test Dates / Times

DSST exams are scheduled on an individual basis. Please contact the Testing Center at 931-221-6269 to schedule a date and time.

Testing Location

On the day of the test, report to Henry Street, Marks Building, Room 124 at least fifteen minutes before your scheduled testing time.


If you are a current APSU student you must park in your designated parking lots.  If you are not a current student, you must request a parking permit through the Testing Center.  Please contact us and provide your license plate number, make and model of your vehicle. This permit will allow you to park in parking lots designated with Green and Black signs.  If you are unfamiliar with campus, please click on the following link to access a Campus Map.

Identification Requirements

Examinees must present a valid form of government-issued identification that includes a current photo AND the examinee’s signature. Acceptable forms of identification include a driver’s license, passport, state-issued identification card, or military identification. For active duty test-takers using the Common Access Card as identification, you must present a secondary photo ID with signature.  The Testing Center will NOT admit any student who does not meet the I.D. requirement.

Registration Requirements

To register for a DSST exam, please call the Testing Center at (931) 221-6269.  Please indicate at the time of registration if you are a military member or military spouse eligible for DSST fee waiver. 

NOTE:  You must provide your Institutional Score Report Recipient Code for your college or university both when you call to schedule and on test day.  To find this information, go to http://www.getcollegecredit.com/search/ 

Permissible Test Aids

Examinees may bring their own non-mechanical, No. 2 (soft-lead) sharpened pencils; however, the Testing Center will provide scratch paper and pencils. An examinee must bring his own black pen if he is taking a DSST exam that requires a written essay. For some DSST exams, basic four-function calculators are allowed; for detailed information please refer to the “Auxiliary Testing Materials” section in the Candidate Information Bulletin which can be downloaded from the DSST website. The Testing Center will not provide calculators.

Prohibited Items

The following items are prohibited in the Testing Center: reference materials, books, papers, study aids, and electronic equipment including cell phones, PDAs, pagers, beepers, cameras, alarm watches that beep, tape recorders, etc., and personal items such as digital watches, outerwear that is not being worn while testing (jackets, etc.), briefcases, purses, etc. Pocket items such as keys, wallet, etc. must remain in your pocket or in our storage area during testing. 

Results / Score Reports / Transcripts

Examinees will be able to print a score report upon completion of testing. Please Note: Scores for the Principles of Public Speaking exam will not be available immediately.

Official score reports are also sent to the college or university that examinees select on test day within 7-10 business days. Written essays are sent to the examinee-designated college or university for review. Please contact the recipient school regarding essay scoring.

To order additional transcripts please download a Transcript Order Form from the DSST website.


The Testing Center has a limited number of seats available for testing. If you are unable to keep your appointment, please contact the Testing Center as soon as possible so your reserved seat can be made available for other examinees.

Retest Information

Test takers who have not achieved a satisfactory score on any DSST exam and would like to retake the same exam title will be able to do so after a 30-day waiting period. Note: Active duty military wishing to repeat a DSST Funded test must pay for the retesting.  Only the first attempt is funded.


Please contact the Testing Center at (931) 221-6269 regarding all accommodation requests at least two weeks prior to testing. You must also submit the ADA Accommodations Request Packet to Prometrics.  Please review the “Testing Accommodations for Students with Disabilities” section of the Candidate Information Bulletin which can be downloaded from the DSST website.  

Additional Information

APSU Students: The Testing Center strongly recommends that APSU students discuss any potential DSST examinations with their APSU-assigned advisor and the Office of the Registrar prior to testing to ensure that the satisfactory completion of the DSST exam(s) will provide the examinee with appropriate, degree-required credits.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact the Testing Center at (931) 221-6269.