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Request Remote ACCUPLACER Assessment

If you do not live near the Clarksville / Fort Campbell area, and you need to take the ACCUPLACER assessment for Austin Peay, please follow the directions below.


You must have submitted an application to Austin Peay State University before you can register to take a remote placement assessment. 

1.  Contact the Testing Center at Austin Peay State University by email ( or phone (931-221-6269) and provide the following information:

a.  Full name (please include middle initial)

b.  APSU identification number (if known)

c.  Your e-mail address

d.  Your complete address

e.  Your best contact phone number

f.  Date of birth

g.  Test(s) you wish to take (Reading Comprehension, Sentence Skills, and/or Elementary Algebra)

h.  Full name of the test center where you wish to test, if known

i.  Complete address of the test center where you wish to test, if known

2.  When we receive your email or phone call with the above information, Austin Peay will issue a voucher to test at your selected test center or find you the closest testing center available in our database.  Note: If your selected testing center is not found within our database, we cannot issue a voucher and you will have to set up testing and request the scores be sent to Austin Peay manually.  You may still test at that location if they offer the ACCUPLACER test, but scores will not be automatically sent to Austin Peay.

3.  You will receive an e-mail directly from ACCUPLACER ( with your voucher number and instructions for contacting your selected test center for an appointment.  The following information will be included in the e-mail:

a.  Your voucher number

b.  Instructions and contact information for making your testing appointment.  You are responsible for contacting the center and making your own appointment.

c.  Fee information (in most cases there will be a charge for testing)

d.  Testing instructions

4.  IMPORTANT:  Print the e-mail to take with you to your appointment.

5.  On test day, take the voucher information email, payment for the testing fee, your Austin Peay identification number (begins A00), and a current photo ID.

6.  When testing is completed, the Testing Center at Austin Peay State University will be notified and your scores will be loaded within one to two business days.  Admissions will be notified you have completed the placement testing.

Note:  We are not allowed to give score results or placement status over the phone.


Reminder: You can test free of charge at the Austin Peay Testing Center. If you decide you would like to test at APSU, please call us at (931) 221-6269 or visit our website to schedule online at