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Our Mission

Our mission is to assist economically disadvantaged and/or potential first-generation college students from Cheatham, Houston, and Stewart counties with:


Target Area

We serve Cheatham County Central High School, Houston County High School, and Stewart County High School.  Tri-Co participants must attend one of these high schools.


Requirements for Participation in Tri-County Upward Bound

To be chosen for participation in Tri-Co, an applicant must:

*Please note that students who are in foster care automatically qualify for Tri-Co upon completion of the application process. 


Academic Year Component

Tri-Co provides nine (9) monthly Saturday Sessions, September through May, on the Austin Peay State University campus.  Saturday Sessions usually consist of tutoring or instruction in the morning followed by lunch and a social/cultural activity in the afternoon.  Additionally, a member of the program staff visits with students at each of the three schools twice monthly to answer questions and discuss topics related to academic success, the college application process, financial aid, and more. 


Summer Session

Summer Session is a 6-week simulation of a college-going experience on the APSU campus.  The goals of Summer Session are to increase academic skills, social skills and cultural awareness.  Tri-Co students live on the APSU campus during the week and return home for the weekend.  Each participant takes five (5) academic classes and one elective class.  The academic classes are designed to build competency in the areas of writing, literature, math, foreign language and science.  Elective classes are usually active classes that get students up and moving and appeal to their interests.  If participants successfully complete the academic and elective classes, they are rewarded with a three-day, all expenses paid group trip to a major city.  The reward trip is entirely free.   



Bridge consists of taking two, 3-hour classes at APSU during Summer Term I.  However, each potential Bridge student must apply to and be accepted by APSU on his/her own academic merit.  Participation in Bridge is not guaranteed, nor is it required.  It is simply an option for Tri-Co participants who are graduating from high school.  Summer Term I is 5 weeks in length and covers the same amount of material that is covered in a normal 16 week semester class.  Tuition, room, meals and textbooks are provided by Tri-Co.  Bridge students are also eligible to take the final “reward” trip if they earn at least a “C” in each class.