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Senior Peer Leaders

The Senior Peer Leader role is a leadership position open to returning Peer Leaders who will serve as a facilitator, resource, role model, and representative of the Peer Leader program. Senior Peer Leaders will assist the Student Success Coordinators in recruiting, training, and communicating with Peer Leaders. Senior Peer Leaders are selected through a formal application and interview process in the Spring semester.

Tyler Gilbert
Tyler Gilbert


Name: Tyler Gilbert
Position: Senior Peer Leader
Major: Criminal Justice
Plans after Graduation: After graduation I will commission into the United States Army as an EOD 2nd Lieutenant and continue training and schooling at Fr. Lee, Virginia.
About Me:  I am an avid sports fan and enjoy going to concerts and working out. I hope to one day be in a role where I can mentor others and make people laugh.




Jordan Turner
Jordan Turner


Name: Jordan Turner 
Position: Senior Peer Leader
Major: Education with a K-5 concentration Minor:  Professional Education
Plans after Graduation: Once I graduate and am licensed by the State of Tennessee to teach, I want to become an elementary school teacher here in the local Clarksville area.
About Me: My style matches my personality, which is super vibrant and colorful! I love to lift weights, play video games, hike, and make new connections with people.



Emerson Ryder
Emerson Ryder

Name: Emerson Ryder
Position: Graduate Teaching Assistant for Freshman Seminar
Major: Currently Pursuing a Master’s of Science in Counseling, with a concentration in Clinical Mental Health
Plans after Graduation: After graduating I hope to take the licensure exams to become a Licensed Professional Counselor with a possibility of an additional Mental Health Specialization. I am interested in pursuing marriage and family counseling in a private practice setting!
About Me: My favorite show is New Girl and I’m a total bookworm! I love travel and exploring other cultures, creating meaningful connections, and making people laugh.