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Peer Leader Selection Process
Flow Chart - Peer Leader Courses

APSU 3010 – Foundations of Peer Leadership in the University

Credit Hours 1Prerequisite: Student must have earned 12 or more hours.Description: This course is designed as development for students who intend to serve as a peer mentor for the APSU 1000 program. At the completion of the course students could be selected to serve as a Peer Leader for APSU 1000, HON 1000, PELP 1000, or PASS 0900.  (1 Credit Course).  The successful completion of the Peer Leader Training Course does not guarantee a position.

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APSU 3020 – Peer Leader Practicum Experience

Credit Hours 1Prerequisite: C or better in APSU 3010Description:  This course is designed as a practical experience for students who serve as a peer leader for APSU 1000, HON, 1000, PELP 1000, or PASS 0900.

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APSU 3030 – The Leadership Project 

Credit Hours 1Prerequisite: APSU 3020Description: This course is a practical application of the leadership skills learned in APSU 3010 and APSU 3020.

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