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Peer Leader Program

Peer leadership provides opportunities for students to guide, educate, and support students in becoming successful at Austin Peay State University. Peer leaders have the opportunity to explore their leadership potential, learn techniques about facilitating dialogue, and developing skills for mentoring both inside and outside of the classroom.

Peer Leaders are upperclassmen who provide an immediate support network to students enrolled in APSU 1000, HON 1000, PELP 1000, and PASS 0900. Each section is supported by a successful student, who will attend all class meetings, support the class instructors, and, just as the title describes, serve as a mentor and leader for the students in their class. In addition, Peer Leaders help students develop a better understanding of campus resources and skills essential for academic success.

As a result of having a Peer Leader, new students will:

  1. Develop a connection to the university community.
  2. Make a successful transition to APSU.
  3. Identify appropriate campus resources and opportunities that contribute to their educational experience.

Not only do students benefit from having a peer leader, but peer leaders benefit as well. Peer Leaders will develop relationships with faculty and staff on campus, make connections to campus resources, advance their leadership skills, and improve their interpersonal communication skills.

The peer leadership experience allows a student to make a difference in the lives of others. Peer Leaders reflect on their own development and gain transferrable skills for any leadership role on campus or after graduation.

As a result in participating in the Peer Leader Program, the Peer Leader will be able to:

  1. Establish a positive relationship with students, staff, and faculty.
  2. Identify and develop personal strengths as it pertains to their leadership roles.
  3. Connect students to campus resources and services.
  4. Enhance their communication, listening, and facilitation skills.
  5. Work Towards achieving multiple peer leadership certificates (IPTPC Certificate and APSU Peer Leadership Certificate)

Peer Leader Job Description

International Peer Educator Training Program Certificate (IPTPC)

The Peer Leader program through Student Success has earned Level III International Peer Education Training Program Certification (IPTPC) from the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). All Peer Leaders are encouraged to obtain a certification level.

The mentoring experience consists of time spent helping new students transition to the university, work through academic challenges, helping students find a sense of belonging, assisting with technology, and understanding the academic culture at APSU. Certifications are a lifetime accomplishment, therefore only awarded once at each level. Training and mentoring hours are calculated from January - December each year.

Certification Level Requirements

Peer Leaders who are certified at this level have completed 32 hours of training and 50 hours of mentoring experience.

Mentors who are certified at Level 2 have completed 32 hours of mentor training and 75 hours of mentoring experience.

Mentors who are certified at Level 3 have completed 35 hours of mentor training and 100 hours of mentoring experience.

APSU Peer Leadership Certificate

The Peer Leadership Certificate exists to support the growth and development of student’s ability to positively influence colleagues as well as immerse them into a hands-on learning experience that strengthens leadership skills and builds valuable networking skills in their communities.

Learn more about the APSU Peer Leadership Certificate

APSU 3010 - Foundations of Peer Leadership in the University

  • Credit Hours: 1
  • Prerequisite: Students must have earned 12 or more hours.
  • Offered only in Spring
  • No Application for registration

This course is designed as development for students who intend to serve as a peer mentor for the APSU 1000 program. At the completion of the course students could be selected to serve as a Peer Leader for APSU 1000, HON 1000, PELP 1000, or PASS 0900.  (1 Credit Course). The successful completion of the Peer Leader Training Course does not guarantee a position.


APSU 3020 - Peer Leader Practicum Experience

  • Credit Hours: 1
  • Prerequisite: C or better in APSU 3010
  • Selected Peer Leaders Only

This course is designed as a practical experience for students who serve as a peer leader for APSU 1000, HON, 1000, PELP 1000, or PASS 0900.


APSU 3030 - The Leadership Project

  • Credit Hours: 1
  • Prerequisite: APSU 3020
  • Must be a returning Peer Leader
  • Permit Only

This course is a practical application of the leadership skills learned in APSU 3010 and APSU 3020.

All course syllabi and schedules can be found by logging into your D2L

The Senior Peer Leader role is a leadership position open to returning Peer Leaders who will serve as a facilitator, resource, role model, and representative of the Peer Leader program. Senior Peer Leaders will assist the Student Success Coordinators in recruiting, training, and communicating with Peer Leaders. Senior Peer Leaders are selected through a formal application and interview process in the Spring semester.

Tyler Gilbert

Name: Tyler Gilbert

Position: Senior Peer Leader

Major: Criminal Justice

Plans after Graduation: After graduation I will commission into the United States Army as an EOD 2nd Lieutenant and continue training and schooling at Fr. Lee, Virginia.

About Me:  I am an avid sports fan and enjoy going to concerts and working out. I hope to one day be in a role where I can mentor others and make people laugh.

Jordan Turner

Name: Jordan Turner

Position: Senior Peer Leader

Major: Education with a K-5 concentration Minor:  Professional Education

Plans after Graduation: Once I graduate and am licensed by the State of Tennessee to teach, I want to become an elementary school teacher here in the local Clarksville area.

About Me: My style matches my personality, which is super vibrant and colorful! I love to lift weights, play video games, hike, and make new connections with people.

Emerson Ryder

Name: Emerson Ryder

Position: Graduate Teaching Assistant for Freshman Seminar

Major: Currently Pursuing a Master’s of Science in Counseling, with a concentration in Clinical Mental Health

Plans after Graduation: After graduating I hope to take the licensure exams to become a Licensed Professional Counselor with a possibility of an additional Mental Health Specialization. I am interested in pursuing marriage and family counseling in a private practice setting!

About Me: My favorite show is New Girl and I’m a total bookworm! I love travel and exploring other cultures, creating meaningful connections, and making people laugh.

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