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APSU 1000 First Year Seminar

The beginning of a person's college career is an exciting but challenging time, which is why Austin Peay State University offers a First Year Seminar, APSU 1000, to ease students into this new phase of their lives. This class provides a safe place to learn about the University and the many resources available to help you succeed as Governors. Students can learn more by visiting the APSU 1000 orientation page

APSU 1000 Section Change Request

A student e-mail should end with @my.apsu.edu - not @apsu.edu
What is the section number of your current APSU 1000? It should be after the course name.. Example: (APSU 1000---> -08E<---)
The CRN should appear in 'Student Schedule' if you go to Student --> Registration --> Student Detail Schedule in Web Self Service.
What is the section number of the new APSU 1000 you want to be changed to? It should be after the course name.. Example: (APSU 1000---> -08E<---)
Be sure that this CRN is not the same as the previous one.
I have checked and made sure that the new section I have requested does not conflict with my other courses.

APSU 1000 Instructor Application

Please select your employment category
As an example, you would like to teach in the Fall term of 2022.
Please be aware that the sections of the class will meet twice a week this semester.
Are you a returning or first time APSU 1000 instructor?
Have you taught APSU 1000 before?