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APSU 1000

APSU 1000 is an interdisciplinary course that provides students with a foundation for success. Emphasis is placed on student engagement, support services, library literacy, financial literacy, and academic planning. This course is required for all first-time freshmen and students who enter APSU with fewer than 12 hours earned in a college/university setting after high school graduation (dual-enrolled/Middle College, developmental course credits, AP tests, and military credits do not count) but recommended for all new students. Students must register and remain enrolled in APSU 1000 until a grade of “C” is earned.

What does APSU 1000 generally cover?

Basics of Academic Success

  • PowerPoint presentation that addresses everything students should know regarding academic requirements and classification.

Career Exploration

  • PowerPoint presentation that addresses the following: the difference between a job and a career and a four-year plan created by Career Services which recommends strategies for gaining the necessary experience or skills for your career. A Career Research paper is generally included in the core.

Diversity and Inclusion

  • Diversity and inclusion voice over PowerPoint (with transcript) that demonstrates an understanding of the relationship between diversity and inclusion and considers perspectives of diverse groups when making decisions.

Financial Aid and Literacy

  • PowerPoint with transcript that gives detailed information regarding FAFSA and other important aspects of Financial Aid, such as scholarships and potential consequences or dangers that could come with dropping classes.

Health and Counseling Services

  • PowerPoint presentation that details the services offered by the Health and Counseling center.

Keys to Success

  • PowerPoint presentation that discusses the following information: how to develop habits of success, build a community, stay up to date on campus happenings, use the resources available to them and get involved on campus.

Library Skills

  • Video presentation (the transcript is also included) that addresses the basics of the library to include the following: /needs to be filled in/


  • Video presentation (with transcript) in which plagiarism is defined and students are reminded of what they must cite. Examples of common ways students plagiarize are given along with the definition of plagiarism are also included in this presentation.


  • Section that covers the important information regarding college-level research.


  • Online assessment that assists students in understanding their readiness for learning in a technology-rich environment. It helps students identify strengths and opportunities for improvement in seven areas – life factors, individual attributes, learning styles, reading skills, technical knowledge, technical competency and typing skills.