Academic Services
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Academic Services

Academic Affairs, Browning 109, 931-221-7676

The Office of Academic Affairs, led by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, is committed to student, faculty and staff advancement. The office oversees the University’s colleges and academic programs, including College of Arts and Letters, College of Behavioral and Health Sciences, College of Business, College of Education, College of Graduate Studies, College of STEM, APSU Center at Fort Campbell, F. G. Woodward Library, Enrollment Management, Center for Extended and International Education, President’s Emerging Leaders Program, Honors Program, Center for Teaching and Learning, Research and Sponsored Programs, Quality Enhancement Plan/Learning Opportunity Center and Study Abroad and International Exchange.


Academic Alert, Marks 127, 931-221-6555

Academic Alert is a web-based, early-alert system used to notify students on how to address problems they may be having in class. Alerts are submitted by faculty members who are concerned that a student is in academic jeopardy due to issues such as poor class attendance, tardiness, lack of participation, incomplete assignments and/or poor performance on quizzes and tests. Alerted students are notified through APSU email and asked to contact the Office of Academic Alert to discuss the alert; students may also receive a phone call, a letter or additional emails from the Academic Alert staff. Recommendations to support and enhance the opportunity for academic success of alerted students may include tutoring, improving of study skills and/or personal counseling.


Academic Honesty

Austin Peay State University strives to promote values and attitudes that are reflective of solid academic character and integrity. All students are expected to complete their own work, conduct research and author assignments independently of others (unless specifically authorized to work together by your respective faculty). Academic integrity is the cornerstone of any student’s educational experience. When students participate in behavior that is considered academic misconduct, the scholarly value of their education is diminished.

Academic misconduct is defined as the following:

Students should be aware that a violation of the University’s Academic Misconduct Policy can result in disciplinary action which could include failure for an assignment, failure for an entire course, probation, suspension or expulsion from the University. If students are not certain whether a practice would be considered academic misconduct, they should always consult their instructor.

Student Academic Misconduct Policy: 3:035


Academic Honors and Awards Ceremony

This ceremony, produced by the Honors and Awards Committee, recognizes all students holding a 3.70 GPA for undergraduates fully enrolled (12 credit-hours or more in all classes except freshmen, for whom a minimum of 16 credit-hours are required) and a 3.85 GPA for graduate students fully enrolled (eight credit-hours or more). The student must be fully enrolled in the previous fall term and fully enrolled per the criteria for the current spring term. It is a yearly program held in the month of April. The ceremony also showcases recipients of senior student awards and outstanding faculty awards culminating in a reception.


Academic Support Center/Tutoring, Marks 124, 931-221-6550

The Academic Support Center focuses on helping students succeed. The Center offers the following free support to APSU students: peer tutoring on most core courses (undergraduate), writing tutoring for any paper, in any class, using any writing style, technology assistance with the software most frequently used on campus, Academic Alert to coordinate intervention for students who may need assistance and workshops on select topics. Additionally, test-preparation workshops are offered to help students considering the GRE, GMAT, TEAS, PRAXIS I or other standardized tests.


Bookstore, Catherine Evans Harvill Building, 931-221-7655

The Ann Ross Bookstore provides all of the textbooks, materials and merchandise that college students, faculty and staff will need. From college gear and school supplies, to tech and accessories, we have that and everything in between. Want to save money? Price match or rent your textbooks. Don’t want to wait in line? Shop online and pickup in store where we’ll have your order ready and waiting for you. At the end of the semester, make sure to visit the bookstore to sell back all of your books, wherever you purchased them. We buy all books. For more information on Ann Ross Bookstore, visit, or find us at


Cancellation and Withdrawal from class

Not attending class does not relieve students from their financial obligations or entitle them to a refund. Charges remain the student’s obligation, unless he or she properly withdraws from the University. If you withdraw before the first day of class, you will not incur tuition liability. On or after the first day, students will be responsible for charges in accordance with the refund schedule. See important dates on page 6 for refund schedule.

Students who confirmed their registration must withdraw officially from the University if they decide not to attend APSU. Official withdrawals must be completed online in AP OneStop. If you have questions regarding withdrawals, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 931-221-7121.

Withdrawal from all classes for resident students

Students living in campus housing who wish to withdraw from the University during the fall or spring semesters or summer term must completely vacate their assigned housing before a University withdrawal form is signed. Specifically, the student must remove all personal belongings and complete a proper checkout with hall staff. Please follow the steps to complete a proper housing withdrawal checkout:

In the case of illness or other situations whereby a student cannot personally complete a checkout, their proxy may initiate a withdrawal through the Office of the Registrar and checkout with residence hall staff and/or express checkout. Upon request, residence hall staff will inventory and store all belongings for a maximum of 30 days. A daily rate is charged for storage.


Class attendance

Students are expected to attend class regularly, to participate in class and to be prepared with assignments. The University requires all faculty to report students who have never attended or who stopped attending class. The impact of class attendance on the final grade is at the discretion of the teaching faculty, and faculty will inform class members of their attendance policies through a course syllabus distributed at the beginning of the semester or term. Irregular attendance may result in a referral to the Office of Academic Alert.

Students who miss an exam due to extenuating circumstances must request approval from the faculty member. Unless the student is officially representing the University off-campus, the discretion of the faculty member determines the action regarding missed exams or work. To view the University Excused Absences for Students policy, visit

Class absenteeism that results in the grade of “FA” (failure — stopped attending) or “FN” (failure — never attended) may affect the student’s enrollment status, financial aid repayment and/or veteran’s benefits.


Class load

The basic unit of all college work is the “semester credit-hour.” For undergraduate students, 12 semester hours for fall or spring semester is a full-time load in determining such things as veteran status, financial aid and insurance eligibility.

However, the usual load for a full-time undergraduate student is at least 15 semester hours in order to graduate in four years. Because the summer term is approximately one-third the length of the semester, the workload for one course is three times as heavy. APSU strongly recommends that students register for no more than six semester hours in each summer term. Graduate students who enroll for nine hours during the semester are considered full time.


Computer labs

For a listing of computer labs and their hours of operation, visit Computers are also available for use in the Woodward Library.


Dean’s List

At the end of each specific semester or term, a list of honor students, known as the Dean’s List, is published. To qualify for this distinction, the student must earn at least 12 credits (university-level courses only) and meet the 3.5 GPA for the semester or term.


Graduate School/College of Graduate Studies, McReynolds 119, 931-221-7662

Further your education by earning a master’s degree at Austin Peay State University! We offer numerous degrees that will broaden your understanding in a field of study, enhance your research and leadership skills or position you for personal growth and job advancement. Obtaining a master’s degree will greatly increase your earning potential. Many online options are available and some programs can be completed in as little as one year.

Advantages to consider:

Graduate programs of Study:

Financial opportunities are available to reduce the cost of furthering your education, including the Diversity Fellowship Grant and Graduate Assistantships. In addition to participating in valuable teaching, research, and work opportunities, graduate assistants receive tuition assistance and stipends. For more information on graduate programs and financial assistance, visit


Graduation, Registrar’s Office, Ellington 316, 931-221-7150

Students who will complete all degree requirements must apply for graduation by the application deadline date for the semester in which they intend to graduate. Students must meet specific requirements before they are approved to graduate. Visit for detailed information about graduation.


Honors Program, Honors Commons, Room 142, 931-221-7403 or 7119

The Honors Program is designed to challenge students and provide opportunities for creative exploration and intellectual development. The program requires students to fulfill 30 honors-credit hours, both in the lower-level and in upper-division major courses.

Students in the Honors Program must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.25. They are also required to complete at least one three-credit hour Honors experience each semester in the following areas: honors sections of individual courses, study-abroad courses, service-learning courses, research-intensive courses and credit-bearing internships.

Students in Honors-approved courses have close interaction with their instructors and fellow students. Most departments at Austin Peay have identified specific courses and activities required of Honors Program students in their last two years of study.

Honors Program students also have access to the Honors Commons. This space includes computers, a printer, study areas, a classroom, an Honors Library and areas for students to meet and socialize. For more information, visit


Office of Study Abroad and International Exchange, Miller Hall 223, 931-221-6851

The Office of Study Abroad and International Exchange prepares APSU students to be knowledgeable about the world, experienced with intercultural communication and equipped with an international skill set necessary to support our future community needs in an increasingly global society. The office also serves incoming international students and scholars. The mission of the Office of Study Abroad and International Exchange is to support and engage all students with diverse global opportunities. APSU study abroad program coordinators are:

APSU students can also benefit from international programs by participating in the Bridge Program. The Bridge Program is a peer-mentor group which consists of both international and domestic students enrolled at APSU. It is designed to help international students explore American culture and history while teaching First Friends (domestic students) about the culture and history of their countries.

Find out more about our programs, scholarships and the experiences of student participants by visiting


Library, Information and Check-Out Desk: 931-221-7346

The Woodward Library provides services and support for all your information needs. Librarians can help you find, evaluate and use information necessary for completing papers and research assignments. Research assistance is available in person, via online chat and email and on the phone. The library provides access to a wealth of print and electronic information via the library website at Student instruction is a major focus of the library’s services that include LILT (an online, self-paced information literacy tutorial), library instruction classes and one-on-one instruction. Students have access to 35 computers in the Library Instruction Room when it is not in use for instruction and 93 computers in the Library Information Commons.

Additionally, the library has a wireless network and 24 laptops and MacBooks for use in the building. Other services available are free book check-out, reserves, group study rooms and study space for approximately 450 people, interlibrary loan, document delivery, self-service photocopiers, microfilm/ fiche copiers and specialty collections, such as the Dorothy Dix Collection and Clarksville photographs. The Library also offers a lactation room for mothers and houses the Writing Center, Printing Services, and Starbucks.


Appealing University decisions

Any student may appeal the assessment, application, calculation, collection or interpretation of any University fee, charge, deposit or refund. Please refer to Procedures for Appeals and Complaints section for more infromation.


Registrar’s Office, Ellington 316, 931-221-7150

The Registrar’s Office maintains student academic records (courses, grades, GPA, transcripts, etc.) and coordinates registration and graduation exercises. The office also offers a variety of student services including registration assistance, verification of enrollment, transcript services, address and official name changes, course transfer equivalency and graduation.


Registration and advisement

Currently enrolled students may use this checklist as a brief summary of registration requirements. During or before the designated preregistration period:

Type of Hold Office to Contact
Financial Aid debt Office of Student Financial Aid and Veterans Affairs
Balance due to the University Student Account Services
Graduate maximum hours Student’s Graduate College Coordinator
Health Services fees due Student Account Services
Library fines/overdue books Woodward Library
Traffic fines Student Account Services



AP OneStop,

Students may apply, register, pay fees, add or drop classes, obtain grades, order student transcripts and obtain information on admissions, financial aid, veteran services, housing and testing by accessing AP OneStop at If you have trouble logging in, contact the Technology Help Desk at or call 931-221-4357 (HELP).


Testing Services, Ellington 207, 931-221-6269

The Academic Testing Center offers a variety of tests which includes Accuplacer, ACT Residual, CLEP, MAT, and various certification/licensure exams. The center is also a full-funded DSST test center, offering DSST exams for free for eligible active duty military members. Information regarding other tests not offered at APSU such as PRAXIS, GRE and the national ACT is available at the testing center. For more information or to schedule a testing session, call 931-221-6269.


Transcripts, Ellington 316, 931-221-7150

Transcript requests may be made online through AP OneStop (, by mail, by fax or in person to the Office of the Registrar. For more information, visit


TRiO Student Support Services, Ellington 337, 931-221-6142

Student Support Services is a federally funded TRiO program established to assist eligible low-income, first-generation and/or disabled college students in making a connection with the various campus resources.

In order to participate in TRiO Student Support Services, one or more of the following must be met based on the legislative requirements of the U.S. Department of Education:

Application forms are available in the Ellington Building, Room 337 or visit to download an application. All services of TRiO Student Support Services are free to eligible participants.


Tutoring, 931-221-6550

The Academic Support Center provides FREE tutoring to currently enrolled APSU students. Please visit our website at to schedule a time with a tutor.

Students may also visit one of our locations on a walk-in basis. Students should call 931-221-6550 to determine availability of tutors for specific subjects.

Military members and their dependents may also receive free online assistance 24/7 from in addition to the support they receive from APSU.

Peer Tutoring Times & Locations

Location Hours Subjects Supported
Academic Support Center (Marks 124) Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Most core courses
  Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Some upper-division courses
Army Education Center (Fort Campbell, APSU Building, 2nd floor Conference room) Monday-Thursday, 4:30-8:30 p.m. Monday and Tuesday: Math
    Wednesday and Thursday: Writing
Writing Center (Woodward Library, main floor) Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Writing for any subject, in any style
  Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.  
  Saturday, 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.  
  Sunday, 1 to 9 p.m.  
Online (Writing: email, for other courses need to be coordinated with Academic Support Center) Based on tutor availablitiy Most courses
    Some upper-division courses
    Writing support