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Spring Graduation Recognition Ceremony

Hispanic Cultural Center

» 1,627 students engaged with the Center

» 1,423 faculty, staff and community members were engaged

» 74% increase in visits to the Center, from 880 in spring of 2015
to 1,196 in spring of 2016

» Participated in campus-wide events, such as AP Day, Leadership Conference, Feed My Starving Children, reaching 567 students and 629 faculty/staff
and community members

» 24 programs hosted during spring

» Hosted faculty-led tutoring sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays with Miguel Ruiz, coordinator of the Study Abroad program in Spain and Spanish professor in Languages and Literature



Increase in Center usage through awareness of the Center and it’s resources, and by promoting an environment where students felt welcomed
Increase in program attendance by faculty, staff and community members, increasing community engagement to form a direct link between our growing Latino population and campus
Increase in the HCC scholarship fund, promoting financial and academic stability to a student who frequently participates with the Center, and to further encourage involvement with the Center