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A student at Commencement with her child.

Adult & Nontraditional Student Center

» “Post-Traditional Empowerment” (PTEC) Luncheon hosted 40 students prior to start of fall classes, and 28 students, faculty and student peer leaders in November as part of “Adult Reconnect” Initiative

» More than 500 increase in number of student visits to center from spring 2015

Students at basketball game.» The Center is near maximum capacity each day

» Partnered with Academic Affairs for Govs Trail to Success initiative, which was rebranded Wisdom Walk

» Take Me Out to the Ballgame — initiative to bring nontraditional students out to Gov’s athletic events. Served 34 students and 59 partners and children for three events.

» 1,965 visitors to the Center in spring, 2,631 for fall, for an average daily visit of 26 students, up by almost 400

» 15 different programs were offered over the course of the spring semester, with 25 opportunities to attend

» 439 students attended programs during the spring semester

“Adult Reconnect: Be a Gov”


A $50,000 grant  was awarded from the Tennessee Higher Education Commission with joint programs/oversight by the Adult & Nontraditional Student Center and the Center for Teaching and Learning. Project provides peer-mentoring and social and academic programming for newly admitted full-time adult learners.


93 students registered for 10 small groups facilitated by an adult peer leader.