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Outstanding Campus Service

This award honors outstanding and significant service to the APSU campus by an individual student OR a registered student organization.

Selection Criteria

  • Must be a registered student organization and have been consistently registered with Student Life and Leadership  OR   must be a currently enrolled student at APSU
  • Must have contributed to the APSU campus in a positive way
  • Service must not have been part of a requirement for a class, local or national organization requirement, or required in any way, etc.
  • Must not have been compensated, received scholarship or stipend, been employed for service,  or must not have been provided monetary gain for the service

OR if Organization is nominated:

Format: (xxx) xxx-xxxx
Please describe why this student OR this organization should be recognized with the Outstanding Campus Service Award this year. Please be detailed in your response and describe how this service contributed positively to the APSU campus and how it was of benefit.