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Governors Rising Leader Award

The award is presented to emerging freshman, sophomores, and juniors, for exhibiting exceptional leadership ability, contributions to campus life, university pride and showing potential for other leadership roles.

Selection Criteria

  • Must maintain good academic standards
  • Must be classified as freshman, sophomore, or junior
  • Must exhibit strong sense of school pride and spirit
  • Must have proven leadership ability
  • Must make siginificant contribution to campus life
  • Must show potential for other leadership roles on campus
How has the nominee proven their leadership ability on campus? Give examples of the nominee's good character and how they set an example for other students to follow.
How has the nominee's involvement made a positive impact on the University community?
Describe the nominee's memberships and roles in campus organizations/activities.
Explain how the nominee demonstrates potential for other leadership roles.
How does the nominee exhibit a strong sense of school spirit and pride?