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Benefit Cancellation

Borrowers who are employed full-time in the following areas may qualify for cancellation of their Perkins Loan. They must complete the Request for Cancellation form and include a statement on employer letterhead with full job description/job duties. There are a few additional requirements that have to be met but once the university determines eligibility for cancellation, a percentage of your Perkins loan will be canceled each year until the loan has been paid in full. 

  •  Full-time teacher of:
    • Elementary/Secondary low-income school
    • Special Education for infants/toddlers/youth with disabilities - classroom must be 100% Special Education.
    • Mathematics, Science, Foreign Language
    • Head Start
  • Other Service Cancellations:
    • Criminal Law Enforcement/Corrections Officer
    • Nurse/Medical Technician
    • Child/Family Services to high-risk children from low-income communities
    • Early Intervention Services (ages 0-3)
    • Peace Corps/Volunteer Services
    • Military Service (Combat for at least one year in an area of hostility/imminent danger)
    • Surviving spouse of eligible public servant - 9/11 attacks.
    • Firefighter
    • Attorney employed in a defender organization
    • Librarian serving Title I School (Master's degree required)
    • Speech Pathologist in Title I School (Master's degree in Speech Pathology required)