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STEM Teachers

About the Jack Hunt STEM Center

Our approach addresses the teaching of STEM subjects for pre-service, and in-service teachers. For our pre-service teachers, we are able to provide a state-of-the-art science classroom for science methods courses.  In this room, prospective teachers gain familiarity with a variety of scientific equipment and technology appropriate for a school classroom and learn skills on successfully using this technology in their future classrooms.  Additionally, pre-service teachers are encouraged to bring their creativity to the classroom to bring fresh perspectives and find ways to take the lessons learned here to districts without all the same equipment.

As the pre-service teachers enter the field, we support them with access to the equipment they have used here out in the field.  Moving from the theoretical to the practical, students teaching STEM subjects are able to integrate their classroom knowledge with fieldwork.

For our in-service teachers, the Jack Hunt STEM Center offers continuing education seminars and workshops throughout the year. These workshops address various points of emphasis within STEM education.  Past examples include the Physics First in Tennessee (PFIT) initiative, focused on the high school, as well as integrative workshops focusing on the elementary and middle grades. More information about our workshops and conferences can be found at the link. As we continue to grow, we hope to be able to offer equipment support to area school districts as well; allowing teachers to create student experiences with equipment that otherwise might be unavailable.