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Employee Incentive Program (PeayBay)

The Employee Incentive program, also known as "PeayBay," was developed in 2004 as a way to reward members of the APSU staff for his/her hard work and excellence in their respective department. This program replaced the Employee of the Quarter and Year program.

How the Program Works

Only APSU Staff members who have successfully completed his/her six month probationary period are eligible to receive and/or distribute points.  APSU faculty and staff will be allotted five points per month to award to deserving staff members. After the distribution of all five points per month to other employees, donor will receive one bonus point automatically added to participants' point accumulation. This incentive award program is a positive tool to encourage high employee morale while recognizing a job well done!  

A single "Peay Point" commendation may consist of a maximum of three points to any one employee. Staff and faculty members may not commend the same person two months in a row. All points awarded will accumulate in the respective employee's point bank.

Each academic year employees will be able to use their accumulated points to bid on a variety of gift items. These items will be displayed on the Employee Incentive Web Site (PeayBay). Some items will be "Buy Now" items and some will have minimum bid points allotted to them. The highest bidder will be awarded their prizes after the PeayBay auctions have concluded. Any points left over after the bidding process will remain in the respective employee's point bank.

All points awarded and earned will be tracked on the PeayBay website. Each employee eligible to receive an award points will have access. If you do not currently have an APSU email account you can contact the Information Technology Help Desk at 221-4357 for assistance in applying. Points should be awarded based on specific categories of commendations (ie., good job performance), and employees should explain why they are awarding a coworker with "Peay Points." Employees are forbidden from giving, selling or trading their allotted points with any other employee. Employees are not allowed to solicit points either for themselves or for any other employee.

No funds allocated to the university by the State of Tennessee are used to provide incentives or gifts for employees in the operation of this program.

Instructions for Logging In and Awarding Points

Instructions for Bidding

On the left hand side of the screen, you will see the status of any bids you have placed and items you have won.