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Purpose and Definition of the Staff Senate

  1. The Staff Senate is an advisory body to the President of the University. The President may refer matters to the   Senate and expect a response from that body.  The Staff Senate is established as the official means by which support staff may be actively involved in and contribute to the governance of the institution. It shall investigate, consider, and act upon any matter its members think appropriate or relevant to concerns and interests of support staff. It shall report fully to the staff, and to other elements of the University when appropriate, on all deliberations and actions of the Staff Senate
  2. For purposes of this document, the University support staff shall consist of all regular full-time and all regular part-time employees who do   not representation on another University governance body; e.g., President's Cabinet, Dean's Senate, Faculty Senate.
  3. The Staff Senate shall be empowered to organize itself, establish its own bylaws, and discipline its own members, except as restricted by this Constitution



Composition of the Staff Senate

Section 1.  Elected Members

  • Eligibility. Any member of the support staff as defined in Article I, Section 2 shall be eligible for election to membership in the Staff Senate.
  • Term of Office. The term of office for an elected member shall be three (3) years, except that a member shall be able to succeed himself/herself no more than one term until he/she has been out of the office for one (1) year.
  • Nominations. Nominations shall be made in accordance with the Bylaws (Article IV, Section 2).
  • Election. Regular elections shall be held in June of each year with the term commencing August 1 and ending  July 31.
  • Voting Privilege. Representatives have equal voting rights. The President of the Staff Senate does not ordinarily exercise voting privileges except to break a voting tie.

Section 2. Representation

  • Representation in the Staff Senate shall be based on a ratio of one representative and one alternate per 20 employees, or major fraction thereof, as identified in each of the areas below:
  • Academic Affairs (Academic Affairs Office, all academic departments in the College of Arts & Letters, School of Education, College of Business, College of Graduate Studies, College of Science & Mathematics, and the College of Professional Programs & Social Sciences);
  • Admissions/Registrar's Office/Student Financial Aid;
  • Finance & Administration (Finance & Administration Office, Auxiliaries, Post Office, Budgets, Business Services, Accounting Services, Information Technology, Purchasing, Public Safety, Telecommunications);
  • Library/Enrichment Programs (Library, Media Services, Enrichment Programs, Center for Field Biology, Center for Creative Arts, African American Cultural Center);
  • Physical Plant
  • Student Affairs (Student Affairs Office, Student Life, Housing/Residence Life, Intramurals, Student Development/Learning Center, Career Services, Student Health Services, Child Learning Center, Disability Services, Counseling);
  • Technology/Solution Center/Outreach Programs (School of Technology & Public Management, Engineering Technology, Extended Education and Distance Learning, Educational Opportunity Center, High School Upward Bound, Veteran's Upward Bound, Student Support Services, Tri-County Upward Bound, Grants & Sponsored Programs, Institutional Planning);
  • University Advancement/Athletics/ Human Resources (University Advancement, Public Relations/Publications, Athletics, Human Resources, President's Office, Affirmative Action, Internal Audit).
  • Reapportionment shall take place in June of each year, except that no representative shall be required to abandon his/her seat before the term has expired.


Section 3.      Officers of the Staff Senate

The Officers of the Staff Senate shall be elected from the members of the Senate by a quorum of votes cast by the members at the first regular meeting in August. Any officer may be removed from office by a vote of “no confidence” by unanimous secret ballot cast by the members whereupon a new officer must immediately be chosen to complete that term of office.

              The Officers of the Staff Senate shall be

  • President of the Staff Senate. The President of the Staff Senate shall be the presiding officer of the Staff Senate. The President shall have served as the Vice President during the preceding year. If the President resigns or leaves Austin Peay State University, the Vice President will assume the duties of the President for the remainder of the year and serve as President the succeeding year. The President shall meet and confer regularly with the President of the University concerning matters of interest to the support staff.
  • Vice President of the Staff Senate. In the absence of the President of the Staff Senate, the Vice President shall be the presiding officer. The Vice President shall be elected from the representatives of the Senate serving the first year of the two-year term and shall assume the office of President for the succeeding year. In the case of the resignation of the Vice President or the Vice President assuming full-time responsibilities of the President, a new Vice President shall be elected.
  • Secretary of the Staff Senate. The Secretary of the Staff Senate shall be elected from the total membership of the Staff Senate. The Secretary shall be responsible for recording and distributing the minutes of regular Senate meetings to representatives and other appropriate University individuals. Other duties as agreed upon by the Executive Committee may be assigned to the Secretary.
  • Immediate Past President Ex-Officio. The immediate past president is a member ex-officio with voice but no vote. Their responsibilities include external recruitment for Staff Senate. This position is to help with the image of Staff Senate. In an event where the President is absent the immediate past president can serve in place of the President for non-decision making representation. 

  • Treasurer of the Staff Senate. The Treasurer of the Staff Senate shall be elected from the total membership of the Staff Senate. The Treasurer of the Staff Senate will maintain and report the balance of the Staff Senate Funds. The Treasurer shall also maintain a ledger of transactions to report to the Executive Council upon request.
  • Executive Committee of the Staff Senate. The Executive Committee of the Staff Senate shall be composed of the President, the Vice President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and four members of the Staff Senate elected by the members. The responsibilities of the Executive Committee shall be as follows:

          o    To propose agenda items for Staff Senate meetings;

          o    To conduct the elections of the Staff Senate;

          o    To advise the President of the Staff Senate;

          o    To act on behalf of the Staff Senate when needed between regular meetings and to report such actions to the Staff Senate at the next scheduled meeting;

          o    Other such duties as are needed to conduct the business of the Staff Senate.


Meetings of the Staff Senate

Meetings of the Staff Senate shall be scheduled in accordance with the Bylaws.




Amendments to the Staff Senate Constitution shall be made under the following provisions, executed in sequence:

  • Initiation of amendments shall be made by the support staff upon petition of twenty (20) percent of the support staff; or by the Executive Committee; or by the Staff Senate.
  • Amendments shall be submitted to the Staff Senate at a regular meeting.
  • Action on proposed amendments shall be delayed until at least the regular meeting of the Staff Senate, whereupon a quorum of the voting members must approve the amendment.




Ratification of the Constitution

The Staff Senate Constitution shall become effective upon a vote of approval by a plurality of the members of the Staff Senate.

Proposed: February 1988

Adopted: April 1988

Amended: June 1991

Amended: October 1998

Amended: October 1999

Amended: June 2000

Amended: June 2001

Amended: September 2002

Amended: February 2004

Amended: November 2010

Amended: June 2015

The Staff Senate shall be empowered to organize itself, establish its own bylaws, and discipline its own members, except as restricted by this Constitution.