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Staff Senate committees are not limited to the members as listed.  Any member can join a committee of his/her choice at any time.

Constitution and By-Laws Committee: 

The   Constitution and By-Laws Committee will periodically review and edit the Staff Senate guidelines and approved changes either voted items or university departmental name changes. Members:  Executive Committee.

Membership/Elections Committee:

The Membership/Elections Committee will maintain member attendance lists for our regular meetings. This committee will also track current membership, notify members as they near their term limits, accept nominations for membership elections, create, disburse, and tally ballots for elections, and announce results of elections.  Members:  Executive Committee.

PeayBay/Awards Committee:

The PeayBay/Awards Committee will work with IT to maintain the PeayBay system. This committee will solicit donations of auction items from on-campus organizations/departments only. This committee will also work within an assigned budget to make purchases for PeayBay auctions and will schedule, announce, and facilitate each PeayBay auction. Members:  Rachel Carroll (Chair), Amber Button, Marjorie Perrault, Tammy Cunningham, Ryan Millard, Shanon Manly, and Doug Austin. 

Policy Committee:

The Policy Committee will investigate policy inquiries as assigned by the Executive Council, and others as they see fit. This committee will utilize our representation on the University's Policy Committee to introduce new policies/policy changes that benefit and/or protect our staff and their interests. Members:  Executive Committee.

Social Action Committee:

The Social Action Committee will respond to any community service or outreach efforts in the best interest of university personnel.

Subcommittee: Homecoming/Chili Cook-Off - Members: Laura Finely (Chair), Deanna Sherry,  and Carol Keller.

Subcommittee: Philanthropic/Help an Elf - Members: Brittney Herron (Chair), Laura Finley, Amber Button, and Tammy Cunningham.

Staff Appreciation Committee:

The Staff Appreciation Committee will organize, facilitate, and solicit volunteers for the annual one-day event is held to celebrate the contribution our staff members make to Austin Peay. The committee will utilize an assigned budget and existing campus resources to create a memorable event.  Members:  Rylan Kean (Chair), Jon Higdon, Rachel Carroll, Ryan Millard, Deanna Sherry, Paige Williams, Andrew Williams, David Davenport and Shannon Manly.

Staff Concerns Committee:

The Staff Concerns Committee will investigate concerns brought to the Staff Senate from other staff members either by way of a Senator or via electronic submission. This committee will respond to each inquiry/concern appropriately and will act as a "filter" in determining which concerns require Senate attention/action.  Members:  Executive Committee. 

Website Committee:

The Website Committee will keep our Staff Senate website current with regular postings of meeting minutes, timely announcements, online forms/ballots, and will post items as requested by the Executive Council.   Members: Doug Austin (Co-Chair), Paige Williams, and Tammy Cunningham.

Staff/Faculty Appreciation Football Game Committee:

Members: Janet Wilson (Chair), Jon Higdon,Yewelline King, David Davenport, Carrie Harris and Rachel Carroll.

Homecoming Chili Cook Off:

Members: Laura Finley, Marisa Roberts, Deanna Kendrick, Carol Keller, Paige Williams, Jon Higdon, Andrew Williams, Marjorie Perrault, and David Davenport.