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After Graduation Goals

Planning for the time to follow graduation is an important aspect of TRiO Student Support Services. Students are encouraged to explore and investigate future options that may further enhance personal goals and achievements.

Graduate School

TRiO SSS actively promotes the investigation of graduate school options for its participants. Students are invited to participate in TRiO SSS-sponsored graduate school visitations, attend the APSU Career Fair, attend the Nashville Area College-to-Career Fair and Teacher Recruitment Fair, and/or individualized sessions with TRiO SSS staff in coordination with other campus resources. Resources for students on the Web site for the Council of Graduate Schools provide general information about the graduate school process. TRiO SSS encourages students to seek assistance and ask questions from program staff members as future options for the time after graduation are considered.

Job Placement

Choosing a major that increases the likelihood of job placement after graduation is an important decision for students. When a student is first starting their academic program, personalized emphasis is placed on making academic progress in a degree program that will ultimately lead to job placement after graduation. Students in TRiO SSS are also encouraged by program staff to utilize campus resources that will increase the likelihood of job placement after graduation. TRiO Student Support Services facilitates student interaction with Counseling and Testing to explore choosing a major and identifying career interests and with Career Services to develop a resume and complete a credentials packet that will assist in the job search.