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VSCC ASTTo be completed prior to admission to APSU College of Education APSU Educ. to be completed once admitted to APSU College of Education
Course #Course TitleHoursCourse #Course TitleHours
BIOL 1030Essentials of Biology4EDUC 3040Instructional Technology3
Com 103 or 100Public Speaking (or Fund. of Speech Comm)3EDUC 3070Instructional Strategies3
EDU 101Intro to Education3EDUC 3090Elementary Curriculum3
EDU 2200Educational Psychology3EDUC 4040Teaching Social Studies3
EDU 264Education of Exceptional Children3EDUC 4160Teaching Diverse Students3
ENGL 1010English Composition I3EDUC 4270Evaluation and Assessment3
ENGL 1020English Composition II3EDUC 4080Classroom Management3
LiteratureENGL 2110, 2120, 2310, 2320 (choose two)6EDUC 4510Student Teaching Elementary5
ART 1030 or MUS 1030Art Appreciation or Music Appreciation (Choose one)3EDUC 4610Student Teaching Middle5
GEOG 105World Regional Geography3EDUC 4950Student Teaching Seminar2
GEOL 1030Essentials of Geology4LingLING 4040 Structure and Dialects of American English or LING 4050 English Grammar (choose one)3
HistoryHIST 2010, 2020, or 2030 (choose two)6MATH 4100Teaching Math K-33
MATH 1010Math for Liberal Arts3MATH 4150Teaching Math 4-63
MATH 1410Structure of Math Systems I3RDG 4010Language Arts: K-63
MATH 1420Structure of Math Systems II3RDG 4020Reading: K-33
PSCI 1030Intro to Physical Science4RDG 4030Literacy Upper Grades3
Social SciencePOL 200 American Govt., or SOC 101 Intro to Sociology (choose one)3RDG 4050Children's Literature3
additional requirementSCI 4020Teaching Science3
HED 200First Aid and Safety (also available to take at APSU)3SPED 4340Effective Inclusion Strategies3
Total hours63Total hours60


Additional APSU requirements and degree information:

  • APSU 1000 is required (1 hour class) unless a student transfers in 12+ hours of college credit to APSU.
  • Students earning the AST will be elegible for admission into the teacher education program in elementary education (K-6) at APSU.
  • The sixty hours (or 63 if HED is completed at VSCC and not APSU) earned at VSCC will count toward the required 124 hour degree program.
  • Associate's degree requirements must be completed prior to admission to APSU.
  • Students musthave at least a 2.75 cumulative quality point average and earn acceptable scores on the ACT, SAT, or Pre-professional Skills Test (PPS) for admission into the teacher education program at APSU.