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Our Master's Program is Changing!

As of August 2021, the collaborative program between APSU, MTSU and TSU will be dissolving. Being a part of the MTC-MSW program has given all universities involved a chance to learn and grow their programs, but we will now each be applying for our own accreditation. As we move into being an independent program there may be some questions or concerns.  We at each of the home campuses will be available to answer the questions you may have as best we can.


No. APSU’s BSW program is already fully and independently accredited. It has never been part of the collaborative and will not be affected whatsoever by the change.
MSW students graduating in May 2021 and August 2021 will be graduating as a student of the fully accredited MTC-MSW program. There will be no changes for these groups of students.
Our next round of applicants in Fall 2020 will be the last cohort of students in MTC-MSW.  Students admitted in the APSU after this date will be part of the APSU MSW program.
No. You will complete all course work through APSU.
All of the amenities APSU offers. The technology, library services, academic advising, and tutoring support will all be available at APSU.

We predict our program will only be “in candidacy” a short period of time, from late August until November 2021 (perhaps February 2022). Therefore, there should be no students graduating from our program while it is in candidacy status.