Social Media at Austin Peay
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Meet the #MVPeay social team.

We are the team behind the pretty Austin Peay photos and videos you scroll through while standing in line at Starbucks. You can usually spot us on campus at events with the camera straps, selfie sticks or tripods. We are the #MVPeay social team. (Though we prefer to be referred to as "squad" if given the choice.)

Taylor Slifko

The name’s Taylor Slifko – your friendly neighborhood university photographer! That’s not all I do. I love social media and content creation. Especially when that involves the campus squirrels. You can find me toting heavy camera gear around campus, or at my desk composing my next tweet!

Sean McCully

Sup. I'm Sean. I help make sure the website is up to snuff and I've been known to take a pretty picture or two on occasion. You can catch me on Twitter screaming about how awesome the Govs are and muttering at my computer when the website is misbehaving. Find me at Einstein's feeding my espresso addiction or walking around campus dressed in an unseasonably warm flannel.