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Graduate Students

Who Can Apply?

Applicants requiring more than two complete academic years for completion of a graduate degree are not eligible.

If you are interested you will probably fall into one of three categories listed below:

1. Applicants already possessing a baccalaureate degree.

2. Seniors in college with a letter of acceptance to a graduate program.

3. Current graduate program participants with two years remaining.


What Does ROTC Have To Offer?

This program provides a chance to compete for a 2-year scholarship for pursuit of a graduate degree. This program is limited to 20 months of benefits (based on 4 semesters, starting in August, not including June and July, and graduating in May). We can also pay for your graduate school and pay you a stipend each month.


How Can I Join?

The summer before your first year of grad school, we will send you to Basic Camp. Basic Camp is a paid, month long course at Ft. Knox KY in which all travel, food, and housing are paid for. By attending Basic Camp you will learn the basics of what it is like to be an Army Officer. This includes basic military tactics, land navigation, rifle marksmanship, and leadership. By attending Basic Camp you owe the military and ROTC no obligation whatsoever. Should you decide that becoming an Army Officer is for you, then you can contract the beginning of your 1st year of grad school.

If you decide to contract you will take military science classes your first and second year of grad school, then when you graduate you will become an officer in the Army. This gives you a guaranteed, well-paying job, with leadership and management skills.


Contracting Routes:

(You can only choose one of the three routes)

  1. Scholarship: 100% of tuition paid. Receive a stipend every month (check below for amount) and receive $600 a semester for books and fees. Once you graduate you owe the Army four years on active duty or eight years in the National Guard/Reserves as an officer, leading Soldiers.
  2. Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP): You are an ROTC Cadet and a member of the National Guard/Reserves. Receive a stipend every month. You also have to attend drill one weekend a month with your unit. You will be paid around $200 a month after taxes for drill weekends. You also get to pick which unit that you want to be in. Once you graduate you will owe the Army three years on active duty or 6 years in the National Guard/Reserves as an officer, leading soldiers.
  3. Contracted Cadet: Receive a stipend every month. You will owe the Army 3 years on active duty or 6 years in the National Guard/Reserves as an officer, leading soldiers.


Individuals in professional programs must be informed that branching into an applicable Army branch is not guaranteed.  For example, law students branching into the Army JAG Corps is not guaranteed.

Two-year scholarships may be available for Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) prepared Registered Nurses obtaining a graduate degree in a specialty that has been approved by the Army Nurse Corps. The BSN degree must be from a program accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education and acceptable to the Department of the Army. Validation of acceptable graduate degree programs is coordinated with the respective Deputy Chief Nurse. The catalog description of the program and desired degree should be faxed to the Deputy Chief Nurse as soon as a prospect expresses an interest in ROTC.