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Retiree Benefits

[Editor's note: As of June 21, 2013, some of the following items are undergoing review and revision.  We expect to have updated texts on this site by mid-August, so those preparing for retirement might want to check the site again at that time.] 

  After you turn in your APSU identification card to Human Resources as a part of the retirement process, you can obtain a Retiree Governor's Card which will list you as a retiree and allow you access to the library, Foy Center, and other locations.  To obtain this card go to the Information Desk in the lobby of the Morgan University Center.  You will be assigned a new identification number.

  SPECIAL MEAL PLAN AT THE APSU CAFETERIA:  Aleeta Christian has worked hard to implement a program where all retirees can get on the Special Meal Plan in the APSU Cafeteria, located in the Morgan University Center.  Once you obtain the above listed Governor's Card, you can purchase all-you-can-eat meals at a cost of $158.78, which includes tax, for 35 meals.  This averages to approximately $4.54 per meal.  This is the same cost as for current faculty and staff.  You can use the card for meals for your spouse and family as well.  You may purchase the meal plan on-line by going to  The appropriate meal plan is labeled:  Faculty & Staff 35. Thanks to Joe Mills and Cecil Wilson for working with Aleeta on this special.  When you purchase the plan online you must provide your new identification number from your Governor's Card.  The identification number, which begins with "A," appears in the block labeled "Student ID."  For operating hours go to

SUNDAY MEAL PLAN AT THE CAFETERIA:  Another available meal plan is the Sunday Meal Plan.  This plan offers 10 meals on Sundays for $50.00 ($5.00 per meal) which includes sales tax, and you can use it for your family as well.  To sign up for this plan see the director of dining services, in room 216C of the Morgan University Center, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m.  The director may be reached by telephone at (931) 221-7036.  For cafeteria operating hours go to

P-card:  The P-card is on sale for $30.00 for the academic year.  This card provides free tickets for employees, their spouses or partners, and children to any event sponsored by the departments of art, music, theatre and the area of dance, or by the Center of Excellence in the Creative Arts.  The card is now available to retirees as well.  The card may be ordered at the ticket office in the lobby of the Trahern Building.  Please call (931) 221-7379 for more information.  A schedule of events for the Fall 2012 semester is available online at

  The Insider - Current retirees will receive The Insider for one year upon request and may, by annual request, continue to receive the publication.

  Use of Library - The APSU retiree identification card  permits retirees, spouses and partners to take advantage of the same services current faculty and staff receive from the Library.

  Use of Recreational Facilities - Austin Peay State University retiree identification card permits retiree and spouse to use tennis courts (outdoor), facilities in the Foy Recreational Center such as racquetball courts, weight room, etc.

  Parking Decal - To be provided to those currently retiring. The Vice President for Development and University Relations will check with all previous retirees to provide them with decals.

  Tickets to Athletic Events – Retiree will be provided season tickets at the same rate as current faculty and staff.   Those "grandfathered" in will receive free tickets upon written request.

  Tickets to University Sponsored Concerts - Retirees will receive tickets at the same rate as current faculty and staff to sponsored concerts and other University functions.

  Post Office Box - A box will be furnished upon availability at the current rate charged to current faculty and staff.

  Bookstore Discount - Discount of 10% on books is available. This discount is also provided to current faculty and staff.

  Once the retiree reaches the age of 65, he/she is eligible for a 166 Lifetime hunt/trap/fishing license for a cost of $11.00:  Permanent Senior Citizen Hunt/Fish/Trap - Available from any license agent for a one-time fee, and valid for the rest of the license holder's life. This is not a Lifetime Sportsman License. Additional permits may be required. Can only be purchased when 65th birthday is reached. A valid Tennessee driver's license or proof of age and residency is required. A trout license is not required.